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Trump & What Is Freedom of Speech?

Trump & What Is Freedom of Speech?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will speak at the Tsongas Center on Monday, Jan. 4. (Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore) Zachary Zuber UML Student When the news broke that Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was in the works to organize at rally at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, it was greeted with much controversy and

Give a Little Respect

Tom Lydon UML Student For many years, there has been some sort of controversy when December rolls around. One particular area that seems to get a lot of focus is the use of “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” as greetings. Some people don’t want to offend those who don’t celebrate Christmas, while others feel that

How is Donald Trump actually a potential president?

Henry St. Pierre UML Student It takes a few minutes to even process the idea – Donald Trump being the president of a nation. And not just any nation, a small country maybe, where his net worth of approximately $4 billion would be like a GDP – but he’s earning real votes, and has even

Superman vs. Goku: In Goku’s defense

Shane Foley Connector Editor Death Battle, the popular online series from Screw Attack, recently posted two episodes that baffled many fans. The goal of these episodes was to settle a long standing debate that has occupied the Internet for yeas: who would win in a fight, Superman of the DC comic universe, or Goku from

The Degradation of Humans through Terminology

Aaron M. Wilson UML Student The English language is a very interesting one to say the least; it has approximately 1,025,109 words according to the Global Language Monitor. Many of these words have a purpose, while others are ones that we coined over the last several decades. Naturally, some of these words or phrases that

‘River Hawk Pride’: Fight song analysis

Ben St. Pierre Connector Staff River Hawk Pride UMass Lowell we will always be, a team of strength in unity. With River Hawk pride, we stand side by side, and fight for victory. Our wings unfurled and talons curled, we swoop and strike then we score! When Blue sets sail, in flight we won’t fail.

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