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‘Ghostbusters’ trailer is worse than expected

‘Ghostbusters’ trailer is worse than expected

When the new “Ghostbusters” was announced back in 2014, there was a lot of outrage about it. One of the main groups of outraged people was upset because they felt the new movie would be awful. The other main group was upset because they felt the animosity towards the movie was due to sexism because

Marvel coasts between big movies

It is surprising to know that “Deadpool” was made by 20th Century Fox rather than Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios rose to fame because of its cinematic universe idea. They make a bunch of movies that are part of the same universe, which expands the world and allows for crossover movies like “The Avengers” and the

Should voting be mandatory?

Individuals entering a polling station to vote. (Photo courtesy of Medford Patch) Jennifer Wall UML Student According to the Center for the Study of the American Electorate, in the last four presidential elections the percentage of voters to participate has not peaked 62.3 percent. This means that nearly 38 percent of the population has chosen

Why I hate Valentine’s Day

Carly Chabot UML Student Ugh, Valentine’s Day. The worst holiday ever created. The day every single woman dreads.  It almost feels as if this dumb holiday was created to make us loners feel bad that we are single. Or single yet again…Or single again for the eighth year in a row…And if you are just

Discussing your doubts: Why you should vote Bernie Sanders on March 1st

Sen. Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by a wide margin among N.H. voters aged 18-29 according to a UMass Lowell/7News poll. (Robert F. Bukaty/AP Photo) Zachary Zuber UML Student Bernie Sanders has done the once thought impossible and emerged as a legitimate threat for President of the United States. As the date of our Massachusetts

Destroying it from the inside

Sen. Bernie Sanders was edged slightly by Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses Monday. (Courtesy photo) Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff In the past few weeks, the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Des Moines Register have all officially endorsed Hillary Clinton as their Democratic nominee for president This should not come as a surprise

The Ballad of an Aloof Fan: Why the Patriots’ loss doesn’t upset me

Tom Lydon UML Student And so here we are again. The New England Patriots’ season ended in the Rocky Mountains at the hands of the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning is on his way to his fourth Super Bowl, hoping to tame the Carolina Panthers and draw even with little brother Eli. Meanwhile, Tom Brady goes

The Oscar may glitter, but it isn’t gold

Jeffrey Cullen UML Student The Academy Awards have been one of the most notable and glitzy celebrations of film for decades. The gold, faceless man is an eternal goal for countless actors and actresses. But the glistening image of that goal is being tarnished. This year’s nomination lineup has been under harsh criticism for its

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