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The Degradation of Humans through Terminology

Aaron M. Wilson UML Student The English language is a very interesting one to say the least; it has approximately 1,025,109 words according to the Global Language Monitor. Many of these words have a purpose, while others are ones that we coined over the last several decades. Naturally, some of these words or phrases that

‘River Hawk Pride’: Fight song analysis

Ben St. Pierre Connector Staff River Hawk Pride UMass Lowell we will always be, a team of strength in unity. With River Hawk pride, we stand side by side, and fight for victory. Our wings unfurled and talons curled, we swoop and strike then we score! When Blue sets sail, in flight we won’t fail.

“Move On?” Explain This Logic!

Aaron M. Wilson UML Student As we are all aware, this past Friday marked the fourteenth year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks that took place on the World Trade Center in Manhattan, NY, The Pentagon, and in Shanksville, PA. Many of those within my generation were only children when it happened, myself included.

Opinion: Why the NFL’s appeal won’t succeed

By Thomas Lydon Breathe a sigh of relief, friends, for the worst has passed us. New England Patriots legend Tom Brady had his four-game suspension nullified by Judge Richard Berman, meaning he’s free to play a full NFL season. Now we can all focus on the coming season and the Patriots’ quest for that elusive

Opinion: Save 30% Off Housing by Switching to an Apartment

Nina Petropolous UML Student UML’s Solution Center has listed the preliminary residential housing rates for the 2015 – 2016 academic year. With increases of over 300 dollars for the traditional triple/quad style set-up, it may be time for students to explore other options for college housing. Last year, students at the ICC found themselves not

Op. Ed: #UnitedInBlue

Andrew Tuminelli UML Waldo The past few years as a UMass Lowell fan have been absolutely amazing. I along with hundreds of others have been able to watch the best teams in UMass Lowell hockey history. I have seen them win the Hockey East regular season title, win the Hockey East Tournament two years in

Letter to the Editor

Phil Geoffroy Student Trustee The September 23rd edition of the Connector featured an article that discredited the new campus bookstore and dubbed it a “flop.” The article unfairly presented the implication that style was placed before student convenience in the construction of the new, state-of-the-art shop. I do not believe that the bookstore deserves to be

Let me tell you something you don’t know

UMass Lowell Greek Life Lately on social media, Greek life at UMass Lowell has been attacked. And I don’t just mean insulted, I mean slandered. False accusations of rape have been thrown around via anonymity on YikYak. Comparing girls to animals, accusing fraternity men of drugging women, and everything in between. Let me start by

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