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Why we should move on from Shakespeare

Why we should move on from Shakespeare

(Photo courtesy of History Extra) “Shakespeare is often considered to be one of the greatest writers of all time.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor I will begin this by saying: if you like Shakespeare, good for you, I am not trying to change your opinion. I am just stating mine. Throughout my years of public education,

“The King”: a captivating medieval gem

“The King” had a brief, limited theatrical release before coming to Netflix. (Photo courtesy of Netflix) Kaliisha Cole Connector Staff From director David Michod comes a Shakespearean retelling of Henry V in early 15th century England. Netflix has with another wonderfully adapted movie starring Timothee Chalamet as the young King Henry V and Robert Pattinson

Macbeth: Killing it as usual

UMass Lowell Theatre Arts students performing “Macbeth.” (Photo courtesy of the UMass Lowell Theatre Arts department)  Vernon Gibbs Conector Staff When one first thinks of Shakespeare, their first memories with his works often come in the form of a confusing read and a paper due on Monday. The UMass Lowell Theatre Arts program disproves this