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“She Kills Monsters”: A comedic, inspirational production

“She Kills Monsters”: A comedic, inspirational production

“She Kills Monsters” debuted in 2011 at the Flea Theater in New York. (Photo courtesy of Kaliisha Cole/Connector) Kaliisha Cole Connector Staff The Off-Broadway Players held their fall production of “She Kills Monsters” written by Qui Nguyen at the Comely-Lane Theatre. The production, which ran from November 20–24, is a comedic, yet dark fantasy that

‘Drop Dead!’ blends comedy with metatheatre

Actors from “Drop Dead!” depict a scene from the comedy play. (Courtesy of Jason Ounpraseuth) Jason Ounpraseuth Connector Contributor A sold-out crowd was perplexed and left with laughs after watching the murder-mystery comedy “Drop Dead!” put on by the Off-Broadway Players Friday night at UMass Lowell’s Comley-Lane Theater. “Drop Dead!” was written by Billy Van

The end was nigh: ‘End Days’ at the Comley Lane Theater

Nicholles Klevisha Connector Staff The Steins have been fragmented ever since Arthur, a worker in one of the buildings that fell down during 9/11, withdrew from his family into a deep depression. His wife, Sylvia, has become a born-again Christian, and a 16-year-old Elvis impersonator is trying to court their Goth daughter whenever milk cartons