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Land of the Giants

Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff The 2014 World Series was between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals, two teams for which playoff hopes seemed grim at certain points in the season, never mind making it to the Series itself. The Giants started out hot early in the season, had a forgettable summer, and

Red Sox free agency predictions

by Benjamin St. Pierre The Red Sox have three main issues to address this offseason: solidifying the starting rotation, solving the third base dilemma, and managing the outfield overload. For free agent starting pitchers, Jon Lester is the obvious fan favorite, though he would likely command a deal of over six years and perhaps over

The MLB playoff picture

Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff First and foremost, for clarification, all predictions presented in this article are as of Thursday, Sept. 18. With this baseball season being the third to feature a second Wild Card team per league, a greater number of teams, throughout the season, consider themselves to be more in the playoff race

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