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Alternate textbook options for the thrifty student

Alternate textbook options for the thrifty student

UMass Lowell students are always looking for cheaper textbook options. (Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) Deanna Darah Connector Contributor With the prices of textbooks reaching new highs every year, many students at UMass Lowell are opting to buy their textbooks through Amazon rather than through the university’s bookstore in order to save money – if

River Hawk flop: Difficulty purchasing books causes rough start to semester for students, professors

Marlon Pitter Connector Editor The newly erected River Hawk Shop at University Crossing was designed to help make buying books more convenient for students, according to bookstore director Ginger Defino. While some students have found the location more easily accessible, others say have not found the new store extremely helpful. Matthew Sweeney, who is currently

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