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Women make video games

Women make video games

(Photo courtesy of Yan Krukau from Pexels) “Women have always contributed to the development and creation and playing of video games.” Steven O’Hara Connector Editor UMass Lowell kicks off Women’s History Month this March by hosting a slew of informational and interactive on-campus events. On Thursday, March 16th, one of these events took place at

“Twin Peaks” is the peak of American media in the 90s

(Photo courtesy of ChuckyDarko, captured from the Twin Peaks Season One Region 2 DVD. Reduced version made and uploaded by TAnthony., Fair use, “‘Twin Peaks’ was considered unique for its time.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor “Twin Peaks” was a TV show in the 1990s created by David Lynch that captured America like nothing that

First cultural fair from Office of Multicultural Affairs

(Photo courtesy By Bjørn Christian Tørrissen – Own work by uploader,, CC BY-SA 3.0, “An example of henna. The kind done at the event will likely be on hands.” Kyra Barry Connector Editor The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) hosts a cultural festival annually. This March is the first year they are hosting

The Hair Expo: Celebrating beautiful hair

(Photo courtesy, Jeffrey Alphonso, Instagram: @jeffrey.alphonso) “Picture taken during the first model walk, with three women’s hair designed into the letters BSU for the Black Student Union.” Julie Sage Connector Writer On November 4th, the Black Student Union ran the Hair Expo at University Crossing, it was a fantastic event. The event celebrated how wonderful

Shootin’ the breeze with the wind team

(Photo courtesy of University of Massachusetts Lowell Press Release 2016) “‘WindHawk’ team member Zachary Anderson of Beverly holds a model of the student group’s wind turbine.” Robert Saquet Connector Contributor UMass Lowell, like many college campuses, has dozens of options for those who want to participate in an extracurricular club. From Model U.N. to Club

Humans of UMass Lowell:Effortlessly Unique, the story of Cade Chalmers

(Photo courtesy of Michael Van Arnam) Humans of UMass Lowell is a project that aims to bring together the University community by sharing stories and experiences via social media. Michael Van Arnam Connector Contributor Cade Chalmers, a sophomore public health major, is willing to help any friend in need at any time. “If the world