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Rocktoberfest sets the stage for local musicians

Rocktoberfest sets the stage for local musicians

The guitarist of Jagweed performs at Rocktoberfest Thursday night in Lowell. (Christina Laderoute/Connector) Kathryn Leeber Connector Staff Halloween weekend was off to a great start Thursday night at UnchARTed with three amazing live performances. UMass Lowell’s Music Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA) hosted Rocktoberfest which featured local bands Bicycle Inn, Jagweed and MILES. The event took

Opinion: How ‘Street Fighter 5’ proves that console exclusives are dumb

Brendan Jacques Connector Staff  Disclaimer: This article is in response to information leaked from Capcom on Dec. 5 regarding the reveal of “Street Fighter 5,” which will have happened by the time this article is published. As such, some of the information given may be subject to change, though I feel that the discussion this