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Zero shades freed: Sexual assault prevention presentation

Zero shades freed: Sexual assault prevention presentation

(Photo courtesy of Collegiate empowerment) Zero shades freed is the third installment of the Zero shades series. Zach Lungi and Alex Decato-Roed Connector Staff Representative of Collegiate Empowerment, Alix Feathers, recalled a moment when she was sitting in her hotel room, reviewing slides for an upcoming Zero Shades presentation. Feathers came across one slide that

A Good Sense of Silk: Biology Professor Continues Her Studies into Spiders

(Photo courtesy of Zach Holmes, Alamy) Spiders are arachnids. Zach Lungi Connector Staff An orb-weaver spider stalks its prey at night with its big-beady light-sensitive eyes and a tiny web held between its front legs. The spider picks the best moment to strike and capture its unsuspecting prey. The orb-weaver spider is just one of