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Favorite student food locations around campus

Wings Over in Lowell is a student favorite for wings (Photo courtesy of Wings Over)

Cassandra Milnes
Connector Editor

For homecoming weekend, many friends and families will be visiting students and attending all of UMass Lowell’s events. After the events, here are a few places to visit for all kinds of dining experiences all over Lowell.

Eggroll Cafe, located at 110 University Ave., is an easy walk from North Campus. They serve a variety of eggrolls, iced teas, bento boxes, coffee and bubble teas. They have a variety of options, but when people go to Eggroll, they go for the eggrolls. Their eggrolls range from classic pork to crab rangoon to pizza to bacon, egg and cheese! 

Egyptian Grill can be found across from Olney Hall on North Campus. Egyptian Grill is not a typical restaurant; they are a food truck that is parked right near North Campus in the lot on 272 Riverside St. They sell mixed plates for $10–$15 of shrimp, kofta, falafel, lamb and chicken. 

Suppas is located at 94 University Ave., right by Eggroll Café on North Campus. They serve New York style pizza, subs and plenty more. Also, since Suppas was purchased by UMass Lowell, all of the specials are named based off the River Hawks and Lowell’s culture. Each week, they have a new special dish for you to try! This restaurant even has a special deal: Order a large 18” pizza on Tuesdays between 5–11 p.m. and the time you call is the price of the pizza! 

Angelina’s is located on Middlesex Street, behind Riverview Suites on South Campus. Not only is Angelina’s an easy walk, they will even come right to your door using DoorDash with a delivery charge of only $0.99. They serve pizza, subs, ravioli and even garlic bread!

Lowell Burger Company is located on Merrimack Street in downtown Lowell, close by the Tsongas Center and the Inn and Conference Center (ICC). They are known for their burgers made with pasture-raised beef all created by Chef Nick Speros. These burgers are topped with anything from coleslaw to a variety of cheeses to bratwurst. The location is perfect to sit and enjoy your lunch, but they also have a takeaway option for meals on the go. 

Wings Over Lowell is located on Market Street near the ICC too. Wings Over has both traditional and boneless wings that can go with a variety of sauces from buffalo to teriyaki to BBQ to savory. They do not just have wings though, they also have sandwiches, salads, waffle fries, onion rings, and ribs.  

Eliu’s Hole in the Wall is located on Fletcher Street near University Crossing. They are known as the home of loaded tostones, which can be veggie, pork or chicken. They also sell burgers, subs, pizzas, calzones, empanadas and much more! 

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