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Humans of UMass Lowell:Effortlessly Unique, the story of Cade Chalmers

(Photo courtesy of Michael Van Arnam) Humans of UMass Lowell is a project that aims to bring together the University community by sharing stories and experiences via social media. Michael Van Arnam Connector Contributor Cade Chalmers, a sophomore public health major, is willing to help any friend in need at any time. “If the world

A wise freshman: The story of Erreca Victor

(Photo courtesy of Kyle Kelley) Humans of UMass Lowell is a project that aims to bring together the University community by sharing stories and experiences via social media. Kyle Kelley Connector Contributor Two things grind freshman Erecca Victor’s gears: when people leave their backpacks hanging too low on their backs and being interrupted. Victor is

Doors opening for UMass Lowell commuter students with the new dorm update

(Photo courtesy Tory Wesnofske) UMass Lowell’s Haverhill Innovation Hub offers a membership option for tech startups. Kaitlyn Sullivan Connector Staff On Oct. 6, UMass Lowell students received an email from ResLife about an update on the Residential Guest and Visitor Guidelines on campus. The email stated that officials came to the decision to advance the

How to safely connect with other students and make friends during a virtual semester

(Photo Courtesy of LA Times) As the pandemic continues, students struggle to make meaningful personal connections Brigid Archibald Connector Editor “If you don’t have any questions, you are free to go,” a professor says. You click the red button and there is silence: no shuffling of papers, no bags zipping, no scraping as students vacate

How to successfully navigate Eco-grief and Climate Anxiety in the age of doomer headlines and climate emergencies

(Photo Courtesy of New York Times) Fires across California last august turned skies across the United States orange as they burned over a million acres of land  Brigid Archibald Connector Editor From last year’s wildfires to the most recent winter weather in Texas, it is getting hard to ignore the impacts of climate change. If

With the rise of virtual learning, are snow days a thing of the past at UMass Lowell?

(Photo Courtesy of Boston 25 News) Lowell was recently buried under two feet of snow during a winter storm. Michael Parke Connector Contributor For UMass Lowell students enrolled in virtual classes, the longed-for snow day has disappeared. Although in-person classes might become normal again in the future, it begs the question: are snow days gone

New flu guidelines in place for 2021

UMass Lowell is offering flu clinics to students once again, although the format is different this year. (Courtesy of UMass Lowell) Cassandra Milnes Connector Editor Every year, UMass Lowell offers flu clinics to all students over the age of 18 to help reduce outbreaks of the seasonal flu. However, clinics this year, like everything else,