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“Resident Evil 4” remakes a beloved game

“Resident Evil 4” remakes a beloved game

(Photo courtesy of: NPR) “”Resident Evil 4″ has been remade.” Brian Mullen Connector Contributor “Resident Evil 4” is a remake of the survival horror classic Resident Evil 4, originally released in 2005. The game was developed by Capcom and was made available for the Gamecube and the Playstation 2. This is a survival horror game

“9-1-1” remains strong on a new network

(Photo courtesy of: ABC) “Angela Bassett and Peter Krause star in “9-1-1″.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor Fan favorite fire and rescue show “9-1-1” made its triumphant return on March 14, 2024, for a seventh season. This marks the show’s first season on ABC after six seasons on FOX. After a long off-season leaving fans unsure

Molly Grace rocks the Rockwood

(Photo courtesy of: Alyx Rios) “Molly Grace performs in Boston.” Tyler Browne Connector Editor Up-and-coming singer Molly Grace brought her Lovesick Tour to the Rockwood in Boston for a fun-filled evening of music on March 20. The Lovesick Tour is Molly Grace’s first, and she wowed the sold-out audience during her 16-song set. Before Grace

“Alan Wake II”: A terrifying and terrific sequel

(Photo courtesy of: Xbox Wire) “”Alan Wake II” is a terrifying sequel.” Jack Cahill Connector Contributor “Alan Wake”, developed by Finnish game developer Remedy Entertainment and released on May 14, 2010, was met with middling commercial success but widespread critical acclaim. With its atmospheric visual and sound design, supernatural horror-themed narrative resembling a television series

The controversial success of “Palworld”

(Photo courtesy of: Steam) “”Palworld” features characters that look oddly similar to those from “Pokemon.”” Ekaterina Photis Connector Editor “Palworld” is the newest open-world survival game made by Japanese developer, Pocket Pair, that has been taking over the internet since its release on Jan. 19. The game is set on a fictional island filled with

“Neo: The World Ends with You” is a hit

(Photo courtesy of: Square Enix) “”Neo: TWEWY” is extremely fun to play.” Emily Lengel Connector Contributor “Neo: The World Ends with You,” often referred to as Neo: TWEWY by fans, is a game developed by Square Enix that is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and on PC via both Steam and the Epic Games

“Contexto” creates new challenge for word game players

(Photo courtesy of: WikiHow) “”Contexto” is the latest entry in the word game craze.” Savannah Baker Connector Editor The popularity of word games has been on the rise since The New York Times (NYT) captivated players with the development of “Wordle”. The NYT’s daily word challenges have inspired game developers around the world to create

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is a refreshing installment in the series

(Photo courtesy of: Mashable) “”Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is an imaginative twist on the Mario games.” Aaron Preziosi Connector Contributor “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is Nintendo’s latest entry in the Mario Bros. series, and by far the most audio-visually impressive. Players find themselves in the all-new Flower Kingdom, whose colorful landscapes and fun, engaging obstacle