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Why we should move on from Shakespeare

Why we should move on from Shakespeare

(Photo courtesy of History Extra) “Shakespeare is often considered to be one of the greatest writers of all time.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor I will begin this by saying: if you like Shakespeare, good for you, I am not trying to change your opinion. I am just stating mine. Throughout my years of public education,

All Time Low hits an all-time high on new album

(Photo courtesy of Daily Express) “”All Time Low” continues their evolution of sound on their latest record.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor Baltimore band All Time Low released their 11th album on Friday, March 17th. Having formed in 2003, this year is their 20th on the music scene. Their newest album titled “Tell Me I’m Alive”

“Twin Peaks” is the peak of American media in the 90s

(Photo courtesy of ChuckyDarko, captured from the Twin Peaks Season One Region 2 DVD. Reduced version made and uploaded by TAnthony., Fair use, “‘Twin Peaks’ was considered unique for its time.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor “Twin Peaks” was a TV show in the 1990s created by David Lynch that captured America like nothing that

“Modern Love” is a modern masterpiece

(Photo courtesy of Deezer) All-Time Low’s new album releases March 17th. Riley Fontana Connector Editor In anticipation of their new album “Tell Me I’m Alive”  pop-punk band All Time Low has released two singles and music videos accompanying both songs. The most recent song is “Modern Love” which dropped on Valentine’s Day.   “Modern Love”

Miami ice: NHL All-Star weekend in Sunrise, Florida

(Photo courtesy of NHL) The NHL took to the Florida Panthers home ice for this All-Star Weekend Riley Fontana Connector Editor The 2023 NHL All-Star Weekend was hosted in Sunrise, Florida on February 3rd and 4th. These games contained skills competitions and 3 on 3 games, pitting each conference in the league against the other.

A look back ahead of “Honor Among Thieves”

(Photo courtesy of GameSpot) The fate of “Honor Among Thieves” will be decided when it hits theaters in late March. Riley Fontana Connector Editor After facing multiple controversies as of late, Wizards of the Coast is looking to bounce back with their upcoming movie, “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves.” Set to release March 31st,