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“American Horror Story: NYC” is a leather-clad disaster

“American Horror Story: NYC” is a leather-clad disaster

(Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes) “AHS: NYC” is a colossal failure. Riley Fontana Connector Editor The creators of “American Horror Story” have given fans everything – haunted houses, aliens, and even killer clowns – but in “AHS: NYC”, they give viewers nothing. The past few seasons of “American Horror Story” have progressively been getting worse,

“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” lives up to its name

(Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) Daniel Radcliffe steps into the role of the parody icon, to great results. Riley Fontana Connector Editor “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” is an absurd comedy that contains multiple fight scenes, the drug cartel, a ton of goofy parody songs and a wig that won’t quit. In true Weird Al

Dear [Deadname]: UMass Lowell struggles with LGBTQ+ acceptance

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) “UMass Lowell has an LGBTQ+ Resource Center, but students face struggles beyond the scope of the office.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor “Dear [Deadname],” is how a good chunk of my emails from the school arrive in my inbox. I have changed my name through the school, got a new ID

‘Night In the Woods’ is the quintessential Fall game

(Photo courtesy of Steam) “Night in the Woods” is sure to make for a great gaming experience during the Autumn months. Riley Fontana Connector Editor “Night In the Woods”, is a 2017 release from developers Infinite Fall and Secret Lab. The game takes place in the small town of Possum Springs, an old coal mining

Marvel’s stab at horror: “Werewolf by Night”

(Photo courtesy of Decider) The MCU takes a turn into horror territory with its latest special. Riley Fontana Connector Staff Werewolf By Night is Marvel’s newest installment for the MCU on Disney+. Shot in a brilliant black-and-white, it follows a group of monster hunters as they attend the funeral of the top hunter among them.

“Bros” is a Billy Eichner disasterpiece

(Photo courtesy of NPR) Bros has opened to disappointing results from both critics and the box office. Riley Fontana Connector Staff Bros (2022) is a gay romantic comedy with no laughs. It follows the main character Bobby, played by Billy Eichner, as he destroys a relationship with Aaron, played by Luke Macfarlane. The story is

Morbius is the villain of his own movie

(Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing) “Sony released “Morbius” in March of 2022 to largely negative reactions as well as social media memes.” Riley Fontana Connector Staff Marvel has a monopoly on superhero movies, and in April of 2022 they unknowingly released their first villain film: “Morbius”. The film tells the story of Dr. Michael