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The look inside the Oscar nominations

The look inside the Oscar nominations

(Photo courtesy of: Variety ) Many of the years top movies made the but, but who will take home the trophy? Troy Lafond Connector Editor The nominations for the annual Oscars ceremony were announced on Tuesday, January 24. Leading the pack in nominations was A24’s critically acclaimed and biggest commercial hit to date, “Everything Everywhere

Wizards of the cost-goodberrys given to fans

(Photo courtesy of: Wizards of the Coast) The art of the source books has brought in many fans, only to be turned away by the price tag. Riley Fontana Connector Editor On the 5th of January, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast, the companies overseeing “Dungeons and Dragons” and “Magic the Gathering,” fell into hot

The biggest mystery of “Velma” is how it managed to be so bad

(Photo courtesy of:) “Velma” has strewn so far from the source material it is almost unrecognizable. Troy Lafond Connector Editor A few of the hallmarks of recent entertainment media include a constant barrage of remakes and recreations of classic IPs, maturing classic IPs for older audiences, meta fourth-wall breaking comedy and a growing surge of

UMass Lowell professors launch new book

(Photo courtesy of Lowell Sun) “Professor Allyssa McCabe (left) and Professor Minjeong Kim (right) standing with their new book “Perspectives on East and Southeast Asian Folktales.”” Steven O’Hara Connector Editor January 24 marks the successful launch of “Perspectives on East and Southeast Asian Folktales,” edited by UMass Lowell’s very own Professor Minjeong Kim and Professor

“The Last of Us” is not the last of video game adaptations

(Photo courtesy of Dextero) “The Last of Us” has done an amazing job at adapting scenes directly from the game. Jose Zamora Connector Staff Video game adaptations are infamous for their lack of faith to their source material and overall low quality, but to the surprise of many, the adaptation of developer Naughty Dog’s “The

CoolGreenGames – how digital games impact the environment

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia) The Atari Game Dump is one of the most infamous examples of physical games being disposed of en masse. Riley Fontana Connector Editor Physical games are being traded in for digital downloads more and more each year, especially as more consoles get released. How does gaming affect the environment and is

“Pokémon: Scarlet & Violet” is an unfortunate jewel

(Photo courtesy of Nintendo Life) “Scarlet & Violet” is facing a bit of mixed reception over its frustrating performance issues. Jordan Harrington Connector Editor “Pokémon Scarlet” and “Pokémon Violet” have released as of November 18th. In fact, within the first three days of release, it became one of Nintendo’s best selling games of all time,

Måneskin in Boston – concert review

(Photo courtesy of Vogue) Måneskin’s success has brought about the world tour they find themselves on right now. Kali Patterson Connector Editor Despite having been around since 2016, Måneskin are only on their first worldwide tour. After discovering fame through the “X Factor” and “Eurovision”, the Italian rock quartet have grown a fanbase that warrants