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Navigating the cracks: a look into Lowell’s pothole predicament

Navigating the cracks: a look into Lowell’s pothole predicament

(Photo courtesy of Shark1053) “Potholes in the street.” Mitch Becker Connector Contributor  With the snowy winters and warm summers in Lowell, it can cause a lot of damage to the city’s roads, but many people don’t know that we can help the city repair these potholes.  Why are there so many potholes in Lowell? Firstly,

Gentrification is on the rise in Lowell

(Photo courtesy of Edge Merrimack River) “Large and brand new apartment buildings effect gentrification heavily.” Lydia Robert Connector Contributor Since the urban sprawl of the 1960s, city developers have been attracting Americans back to cities by changing the character of old and blight-ridden city streets. The shiny new storefronts and chic coffee spots attract more

Alumni Spotlight: City Solicitor reflects on college years at UMass Lowell

Brigid Archibald Connector Editor  “Of the three different higher education institutions I went to, I really retain a special fondness for Lowell,” said Lowell City Solicitor Christine O’Connor. O’Connor attended the University of Lowell and graduated in 1988, a few short years before the school would be taken in as part of the UMass system