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“Daisy Jones & The Six” proves its status as one of 2023’s hit shows

“Daisy Jones & The Six” proves its status as one of 2023’s hit shows

(Photo courtesy of Glamour) “‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ delivered upon its promises with a gripping drama that is sure to keep viewers engaged.” Kali Patterson Connector Editor This past month saw the release of one of the most anticipated shows of 2023, “Daisy Jones & The Six.” Based on the novel of the same

“Scream VI” revives horror franchise in its bloodiest installment yet

(Photo courtesy of Vulture) “”Scream VI” brings the franchise to a new setting in America’s Big Apple.” Kali Patterson Connector Editor Ghostface is back in “Scream VI,” the latest installment in the slasher franchise. The film features returning stars like Jenna Ortega and Courtney Cox, while introducing franchise newcomers such as Samara Weaving and Jack

Måneskin in Boston – concert review

(Photo courtesy of Vogue) Måneskin’s success has brought about the world tour they find themselves on right now. Kali Patterson Connector Editor Despite having been around since 2016, Måneskin are only on their first worldwide tour. After discovering fame through the “X Factor” and “Eurovision”, the Italian rock quartet have grown a fanbase that warrants

Frankford Fitler Conquer Rockwood Music Hall in First NYC Show

(Photo courtesy of SoundCloud) Frankford Fitler’s latest show in NYC is a big step in making their name known. Kali Patterson Connector Editor Philadelphia-based rock trio Frankford Fitler have a bright future ahead of themselves. The band consists of Tyler Cole performing as lead guitar and vocalist, Randy Willson on drums, and Kenzy Straub on

“Overwatch 2” delivers on its promises

(Photo courtesy of Xbox Wire) “Overwatch 2” is the highly anticipated sequel to one of the 2010s’ most popular titles. Kal Patterson Connector Editor “Overwatch 2” was one of the most anticipated video game titles of the past decade. Its predecessor, simply titled “Overwatch”, was a massive success for Blizzard Entertainment, the developer and publisher

Joe Keery shines on newest album “DECIDE”

(Photo courtesy of Kali Patterson) “Djo’s newest album is out now on all major streaming platforms.” Kali Patterson Connector Editor Fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things are in for a treat — Joe Keery has just dropped his sophomore album under his musical alias, Djo (pronounced as just Joe). “DECIDE,” released on Sept. 16, is a

Upcoming holiday game titles to anticipate: Five video games to for this season and beyond

(Photo Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks) “Ghostwire: Tokyo” was developed by the same studio that produced the critically-acclaimed Fallout series. Kali Patterson Connector Staff The world of video games is ever-expanding, and the rest of 2021 is no exception. Between exciting new games to explore and the return of popular fan favorite franchises, players everywhere have

“Halloween Kills” but the franchise lives on to quadruple budget at the box office

(Photo Courtesy of Miramax) “Halloween Kills” is the latest installment of the Halloween franchise. Kali Patterson Connector Staff Against all odds, Michael Myers is back and out for blood. The iconic masked serial killer returns in “Halloween Kills”, targeting Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and her family. Picking up directly after 2018’s “Halloween”,