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UMass Lowell to see tuition hike in upcoming school year

UMass Lowell to see tuition hike in upcoming school year

(Photo courtesy of UMass Lowell) Alongside an increase in tuition, residential students can also expect to see a spike in housing rates for the 2022-2023 school year. Qinglong Diep Connector Staff As many colleges and universities are considering increasing tuition for the next academic year, University of Massachusetts Lowell students will see a potential hike

NCAA board approves athlete compensation for image and likeness in landmark decision; it is about damn time

(Photo courtesy of Connector Editor  Aaron Robinson The long-standing battle between college athletes and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) appeared to favor the student athletes in a historic decision that has allowed student athletes to be compensated financially for their name, image and likeness. The NCAA had been strongly committed to prohibiting student

Why is UMass Lowell’s tuition increasing?

Bianca Chery Connector Contributor Going to college is such a unique experience that no other experience can quite simulate. More people are getting college degrees, therefore more people are getting to experience this formative, unique experience. Yet there is a major burden on the back of current college students and college graduates. The burden is…

Tuition, fees and the end of the price freeze

David Rudderham Connector Editor Last spring many changes came to the UMass schools, especially to UMass Lowell. Marty Meehan became president of the entire UMass system while Jacqueline Moloney took his old position as Chancellor of UMass Lowell. And of course, over the past eight years or so, the UMass schools have expanded and built