Fantasy advising center: week 2

Shane Foley
Connector Editor 

Fantasy football players do not get enough credit. Especially if they are in a deep league; they have to keep track of all 36 teams (with an enormous amount of players), add the right ones to their team, release the bad ones, and somehow end up with more points than everyone else. Fantasy football takes time, effort and careful study. So, the UMass Lowell Connector proudly presents: the fantasy advising center, where we assist you on your journey to winning your leagues. With our first installment, here are players you should pay attention to in week 2.

Start these guys:

Alfred Morris: Jacksonville had the 29th rushing defense in the league last year. Also, considering Washington’s lack-luster year, look for a lot of reed-option and running plays to protect RG3’s knee. Meaning, Morris should be getting a lot of touches on a bad defense.

Arian Foster: the loss of Matt Shaub and Case Keenum means that the Texans have their work cut out with acclimating Ryan Fitzpatrick into the offense. The best way to help a new quarterback ease into the job is to have him hand it off. Plus, Ben Tate is no longer there to steal carries from Arian Foster.

Torrey Smith: the Steelers have had decades of great defense, but I don’t know if this year will match their previous ones. Specifically, the loss of Ryan Clark leaves a void on the weak side that Troy Polamalu may not be able to fill. That being said, we may see the long ball once or twice and Torrey Smith has the speed and ability to catch them.

Julius Thomas: funny story about Kansas City – they ranked 25th in pass defense last year. Covering Denarius Thomas and Emmanuelle Sanders will most likely be their top priorities, meaning Julius Thomas might be looking at serious targets.

Green Bay defense: Green Bay may have the perfect defense to defeat the New York Jets offense. Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers may be the best defensive ends/linebackers to keep Geno Smith in the pocket. They’ll place Sam Shields on Santonio Holmes, a solid matchup. Also, the Green Bay Packers had the seventh ranked rushing defense in the league last year, which doesn’t look good for the streak-prone what kind of streak? Chris Johnson.

Bench these guys:

Cam Newton: due to his new lack of receivers, Cam might be looking for most of his yardage on the ground. Detroit has Nick Fairly, Ndamukong Suh and the sixth ranked rushing defense last year. Cam’s yards on the ground may be limited.

Ben Roethlisberger: lost his best receiver. He’s older. It’s a short week. The Ravens have Dumervil and Suggs. Do the math.

Matt Forte: Forte already has a streaky tendency. Some days he is great, some days he isn’t. The 49ers had the fourth best rush defense last year. Don’t expect much in week two from Forte.

Mike Wallace: Miami will be playing the Buffalo Bills, who surprisingly had the fourth best pass defense last year. No more Jarius Byrd, but Tanehill is still learning. I wouldn’t expect him to complete many passes with Wallace, who will be double-covered for most of the game.

T.Y. Hilton: Reggie Wayne is healthy again, which means Hilton won’t get as many looks. Plus, Philadelphia cut ties with Nnamdi Asomuagh, so perhaps the new guys taking his place will show up.

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