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Fantasy Corner: Week One

Fantasy Corner: Week One

Fantasy players worried about the four-game suspension of Tom Brady may want to put their trust in Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. (Photo courtesy/PanicButton) by Tyler O’Keefe Connector Staff It’s the best time of the year again. Football, and more importantly fantasy season, is upon us. You can have bragging rights over friends, family, coworkers,

Fantasy Corner: Week 11

Darren McFadden should have a good game this week against the Dolphins. (Ray Carlin/USA Today Sports) Tyler O’Keefe Connector Staff Football fans, believe it or not, it is already Week 11 in the NFL–one week away from the Thanksgiving games and three from the first week of playoffs in fantasy. These last games are crucial

The Fantasy Corner: When should you draft?

Kyle Gaudette Connector Editor By a show of hands, how many people’s fantasy football teams are already busted by this offseasons slew of season ending injuries? We now journey into only week three of the preseason, and it feels as though everyone is crossing their fingers whenever they refresh their sportscenter app, hoping to not

Fantasy Advising Center: Week five

Shane Foley Connector Editor Congratulations, fantasy players! You have now arrived at one of the busiest weeks in the season. This is where you should start creeping on the free agents page a lot. After four weeks of football, we are now aware of certain players who might have not been drafted that will fit

Fantasy Advising Center: week four

Shane Foley Connector Editor Welcome to week 4, where nobody is right! That’s typically the case for people who try to make any long term judgments based on the little football we have seen, and I assure you, we’ve only seen a little football. For instance, Buffalo won their first two games. Some are saying

Fantasy advising center: week 2

Shane Foley Connector Editor  Fantasy football players do not get enough credit. Especially if they are in a deep league; they have to keep track of all 36 teams (with an enormous amount of players), add the right ones to their team, release the bad ones, and somehow end up with more points than everyone