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SGA elects two senators

Malinda Reed
Connector Contributor

On Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 4 p.m., Student Government Association senator elections ended and the fight for senator of each candidate’s college came to a close.

Out of five senator races, two were contested. Those two races were for the senatorial positions for the College of Engineering as well as the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The newly elected Senators will hold many Student Government responsibilities, including holding one office hour per week, sitting on at least two Student Government committees, and attending all Student Government senators meetings.  Office hours are held in the Student Government office, located in room 243 of University Crossing.

The most recent of the bi-weekly Student Government Association senators meeting occurred Wednesday, Oct. 8 in room 490 of University Crossing. At this meeting, Genesis Peralta was awarded the Senator of the Month award.

“To me, it means that I get to be the voice for students. I’m very passionate about what I do. It’s just crazy how this award I got symbolizes my passion and making a difference in the campus community,” Peralta said.

She’s not the only student senator who feels emphatically about Student Government. James Christopher, a sophomore political science major and two-year member of Student Government, is very enthusiastic about his position as campus life and environment committee chair.

“Students should join the Student Government because it enables them to acquire skills and establish connections that they will use utilize throughout their lives. I personally believe that it is an honor to represent the students of UMass Lowell, and find it extremely fulfilling to do all I can to improve the quality of the university experience,” Christopher said while making a statement encouraging students to join.

Past accomplishments for the Student Government Association include extending Fox dining hall hours and instituting a deal that prevents parking prices from increasing more than five percent per year.

Student senators work with university administration and other clubs and organizations to address problems, acting as the voice for the student body. Presently, Jenna Freitas, the Student Government events committee chair, is planning a “Meet Your Senators” meet-and-greet, at which students can talk to their student senators one-on-one.

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