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Starch Madness: The best donut in Lowell

Shane Foley

Connector Editor

March Madness appears to be a temper tantrum that has consumed the country, with everyone from Celtics guard Avery Bradley to President Barack Obama submitting brackets with their selections for the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. The Connector wanted to participate in this as well, however we didn’t want to make it about basketball. We wanted to submit a bracket on another “competition” that meant something to every UMass Lowell student. Therefore, as there are so many of them to find around the city, we present our bracket for the best donut place in Lowell.

If you wake up early on East Campus, you may find a couple of these in the Dining Hall. They are basically uncut bagels that are lightly powdered with sugar. Nice of the university to make these, but they just don’t stack up well with the rest of the competition. They are good if you’re trying to lose weight, but then again, why are you reading this in that case?

This is one donut carrier every college student should be familiar with. You’re not going to find gourmet donuts here, but you will find quantity. Krispy Kreme packs are excellent options for all-nighters.

While mostly known for their pumpkin spiced beverages, Starbucks actually sell very good donuts. Their glazed donuts can be found on the shelves most mornings. Starbucks is not 6th on this list so much for the taste and texture of their donuts, but for their price. They are a fancy treat for the most affluent of the student population.

Both Hawk’s Nest location at UMass Lowell carry surprisingly excellent donuts. On most days, you can find several vanilla- or chocolate-frosted selections behind the glass. On occasion they make themed donuts as well for certain holidays, but they only get 5 on this list for their lack of flavors.

Honey Dew has always been a favorite of mine. They have great selection, especially for my fellow cinnamon enthusiasts out there. Unfortunately, it is too far out of the way for most students, being located beyond South Campus on Middlesex Street.

This is the big part of the bracket. Here is where we see the Kentucky/Duke/Arizona-ranked donut shops. Donut Shack has one of the biggest selections of any donut shop ever. This is the place you go when your craving for that specific flavor.

Top Donut gets top marks over Donut Shack by just having a bit more selection. Top Donut is quite simply a juggernaut. Their selection is bigger than any donut shop I’ve seen.

I had to go with the fan favorite. While it may have been expected, I couldn’t justify putting any other shop ahead on Dunks. It has everything you want: flavors- there’s tons of them. Quality- good enough. Conveniece- there’s about seven of them in Lowell. Price- your five dollars is now a viable option for a solid meal. Also, let’s not forget that their coffee game is on point. Let’s face it — UMass Lowell runs on Dunkins.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I have Arizona beating Michigan State in the Big Dance.

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