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New off campus housing site has UMass Lowell administrators on edge

Andrew Sciascia Connector Editor Just crossing the Bridge Street bridge into the heart of the city or driving past French Street, one can see the speedy development of a new “purpose built, student housing” facility on the water: Edge Merrimack River. Throughout the 2016-17 academic year at UMass Lowell numerous students have come in contact

The Fall Is Shorter Than You Think releases “The Moment That We Shared”

The Fall Is Shorter Than You Think has released two EPs since their debut in September 2014. (Courtesy of Honest Face Records) Timothy Clark Connector Contributor Lowell-based alternative rock band The Fall Is Shorter Than You Think released their second EP, “The Moment That We Shared,” on March 24. This record, bringing in aspects from

Lowell native Lynn Gunn finds success with PVRIS

PVRIS is currently planning a European concert tour to tie in with a new untitled album. (Photo courtesy of Rise Records) Kathryn Leeber Connector Staff Most people know that making a name for oneself in the music industry is no easy task, especially when competing in a city full of musical talent. Boston is known

Reviews for movies filmed in Lowell

Despite it’s poor reception from critics, “Grown Ups 2” made $247 million in theaters. (Photo courtesy of Colombia Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Staff “School Ties” (1992): “School Ties” is a movie about a high school star quarterback (Brendan Fraser) in the 1950s who has to keep his religious identity as a Jew concealed. “School Ties”

Ultimate bar crawl in downtown Lowell

The Old Court Pub is known for their Old Court Shots. (Courtesy of The Old Court Pub) Alex Salucco Connector Editor The phrase “bar crawl” to college students is equivalent to what the word “Christmas” means to children. Executing the best bar crawl is a science. Diverse options, good prices, munchies and location are all

Lowell delivers a knockout boxing tournament

Legendary boxer Micky Ward fought his amateur career in Lowell. (Courtesy of the Associated Press) Ryan Delaney Connector Staff Since 1945, the New England Golden Gloves amateur boxing competition has been held in the city of Lowell. Boxing is not the sport it once was in this country, but it still gets a good amount

Arts League of Lowell opens show ‘It’s About Time’

The Arts League of Lowell will be holding four other art galleries this year. (Jessica Kergo/Connector) Jessica Kergo Connector Staff Time is an abstract concept that is paramount in the everyday lives of human beings. In order to explore this concept, The Arts League of Lowell has opened a new gallery in the All Arts

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