Return of the ‘Yik Yak Attack’

Henry St. Pierre

Connector Staff

Yik Yak is an app dedicated to letting college students post whatever they want (okay, mostly everything they want.) College students tend to conjure up funny, sometimes disturbing, always entertaining thoughts, mainly a reflection of the college experience. UMass Lowell Yik Yak users find strange commonalities through using anonymity as a stepping stone and shield. Whether to use the anonymity for good or evil is a decision up to the user.

The UMass Lowell Yik Yak game has built a reputation of being strong. Last year, UMass Lowell was even mentioned in a USA Today article as one campus at which Yik Yak was building steam and blowing up. That’s all thanks to you, fellow students.

Posts on Yik Yak can make you shake your head in disgust, scratch your head in confusion, have a short chuckle, or make you want to put your phone down, go to sleep and try life again tomorrow. I had the not-so-difficult duty of scrolling through the UMass Lowell Yik Yak feed and picking out especially-entertaining posts to show just how cool UMass Lowell students are. Here they are, in no particular order. If your post is on the list, relish your anonymous fame because once it’s on the Internet it’s never disappearing. This is week one of Yik Yak Attack, 2015-2016.

Also, I copy the posts word-for-word, grammatical error-for-grammatical error. You have been warned.

“There was no worse feeling today then watching a biker hit a kid knocking his phone out of his hands and off the bridge walking to north campus…”

“Girl just replied to my text from a week ago with ‘sorry I was sleeping’ #wellplayed”

“I brushed hands with a hot guy on the shuttle today.. I guess my question now is where do we stand??”

“Just did the impossible, took the elevator from floor 18 to 1 without stopping”

“‘Every kiss begins with k’ I whisper to myself as I read the one letter reply from my crush”

“8 AMs and funerals are similar in the sense that both make me wonder when I’m going to die.”

“Professors forcing students to buy a textbook that they wrote is the college equivalent of ‘check out my mixtape fam’”

“When it rains Friday it’s gonna be like the movie Holes on campus”

“The mill girls didn’t die for us to have iffy campus transportation”

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