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“Move On?” Explain This Logic!

Aaron M. Wilson UML Student As we are all aware, this past Friday marked the fourteenth year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks that took place on the World Trade Center in Manhattan, NY, The Pentagon, and in Shanksville, PA. Many of those within my generation were only children when it happened, myself included.

Return of the ‘Yik Yak Attack’

Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff Yik Yak is an app dedicated to letting college students post whatever they want (okay, mostly everything they want.) College students tend to conjure up funny, sometimes disturbing, always entertaining thoughts, mainly a reflection of the college experience. UMass Lowell Yik Yak users find strange commonalities through using anonymity as

The Yik Yak Attack is back

Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff After a couple somber, heartbreaking weeks without Yaks from UMass Lowellians in The Connector, the nationally known “Yik Yak Attack” section is back. A big thank you to all you Yik Yak-ers who post such interesting things that inspired us here at The Connector to write articles dedicated to said

Yik Yak Attack: Week three

Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff This is week three of the Yik Yak Attack section of the Connector, and this means three times the fun! Just kidding, this section’s always lots of fun. It’s been another week of humorous, grotesque, and disturbing Yaks, and I have once again had the privilege of weeding out some

Yik Yak Attack: week two

Henry St. Pierre Connector Staff The Connector had the privilege of publishing the treasures of “Yik Yak” in last week’s newspaper. Well, guess what? We’re back to print even more Yaks for this week! Now that most of the UMass Lowell populace should have a familiarity with this addicting application, let’s jump right into some

What’s everybody Yakkin’ about? Social media app takes college campuses by storm

Henry St. Pierre Connector Contributor   The app “Yik Yak” has quickly become a cultural phenomenon. College campuses across the nation are being impacted by the free-to-download app, which is very simply an anonymous user’s playground. Of course, our very own UMass Lowell is not estranged to the App Store, so plenty of River Hawks

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