Top five clubs to join at UMass Lowell

Shane Foley
Connector Editor

A phrase commonly uttered to students at UMass Lowell is that joining an on campus club or organization is one of the best things they could do with their time here. Even James Christopher, student president, admitted in his prestigious speech at Convocation that were it not for his envolvement in his club (SGA), he would not be in the position he is in now. Selecting a club to join, however, can be a challenging task to some. By now, most of you may have attended our Club Fair, but may have found none of the clubs particularly grasp your fancy. Therefore, here is a list of the 5 best clubs that look great on a resume.

5.MEISA: A club for music lovers, members in the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association walk away with valuable experience in the world of music business. In the process of getting that experience, they also connect with the great local Lowell music scene. Upperclassmen might have at least heard of some of their events. MEISA often sponsers large happenings on campus, including the highly popular Mothers of Rock. They also have concerts every other Thursday in Fox Commons, so you will certainly get to see many live bands if you join.

4.LASA: Over the years, LASA has proven to be one of the most visible organizations on campus. The mission of this club is to educate and celebrate Latin culture, though while many students of latino origin are on the club’s e-board, students of all ethnic makeups are welcome to join. LASA members are often seen at large on campus events such as Gambling After Dark. They also hold large festivities of their own on occasion, such as the annual Rumba Latina and the popular Café Con Leche. Members of LASA are promised exposure to good food, perhaps some new dance foods, and insight to an immersive culture.

3.eNable Lowell: Winners of the 2016 Difference Maker Contest at Convocation, eNable Lowell continues to grow in popularity and prestige. eNable Lowell is a club that dedicates their time to making low cost prosthetics for children with limb differences who cannot afford traditional prosthetic devices. Although the construction of prosthetics sounds like something only a mechanical engineer would benefit from, eNable Lowell is considered a STEM+ club (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Potential members could be anyone with majors in these four fields, students looking for communications experience, or anyone else who wants to help. Not only does this club fufill a great need, but it also is a great opportunity for creative minds. Some fantastic designs for prosthetics have come from eNable products, including Iron Man gauntlets and Darth Vader themed devices!

2.WUML: The voice of UMass Lowell. The litany of interns at WUML enjoy the privilege of having their voice heard around campus. Topics of talk shows run by WUML range from anything between jokes with garden tools to analysis on different types of snacks (both real examples). Aside from pursuing an interest, an internship at WUML would provide great experience for anybody entering the fields of communications and/or broadcast. Most large events are also covered at WUML, including hockey games at the Tsongas. WUML is a great addition to anybody’s resume.

1.Disable the Label: This group is almost as recognizable on campus as the Starbucks mermaid. It seems as though posters advertising for their events can be seen on every wall in every building on any given day. The hard working members of Disable the Label work tirelessly to raise awareness of identities that are often overlooked. Populations such as the deaf, the blind, the crippled and the mentally challenged are but few of the demographics that the group has advocated for and made the student body more understanding of. Many of the biggest events on campus are sponsored by Disable the Label, including Sign Language Bingo and Playing for Inclusion. The experience gained from working on these events can open big doors later on as well. Members of the club have gone on to work in offices such as Student Activities (John Romano), been the recipient of major awards (Zachary Zuber), and earned venerable titles such as Assistant Resident Director (Jeremy Daigneau). Disable the Label may be the most prominent opportunity to gain experience on campus and help others while doing so.

Honorable Mentions: ASCE, Pride Alliance, MALES, all Greek Life associations, ASAO, Anime Club, Smash Club

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