Comedian Nicole Byer entertains UMass Lowell crowd

Christina Laderoute
Connector Staff

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, comedian Nicole Byer paid a visit to the students of UMass Lowell. Her set had everyone bent over with laughter. From talking about her sexual experiences to her drunken excursions, there was not one dull moment.

The show started with Matt Pavich from MTV’s “Joking Off”. His mother drove him four hours to Lowell from New York, due to him missing his plane. His commitment made for an extremely hilarious night at the Inn and Conference Center. His unfortunate potato allergy, although tragic for him, was a hysterical story for everyone else.

After Pavich’s routine, Byer walked in down the center aisle of the audience and up onto the stage. The Junior Ballroom was the perfect venue for this event due to the proximity between the performer and the audience present in the venue.  She started off the show with doing one-liners for a McDonald’s commercial. “And usually when I walk in the booth, I say, ‘how black do you want this?’” Byer told us. She then went on to do multiple versions of different one-liners, each receiving roaring laughter from the audience.

She told a story about how she got extremely drunk a plane and then terrorized a Shake Shack. After she went to Shake Shack, she went to the bathroom in the airport, ate her burger on the toilet, cried about it and then sang herself a song to feel better. “Excuse me, I’m not normally like this,” she slurred out to the people in the surrounding stalls.

The show definitely wasn’t for the easily offended or faint of heart though. There were some raunchy stories and a lot of profanity. The audience was a bit hesitant to respond to any of her sexual questions though (College students afraid to talk about sex? No, you must be joking.) Well, Byers sure found it funny. “Have any of you ever had a pregnancy scare? Oh no, that’s right I forgot, no one in Lowell has sex.” Apparently not everyone likes to dish about their private lives in front of their new classmates and a comedian. Give it some time.

Byer finished off the evening with some stories about all the different guys she has met on the dating app Tinder. She has certainly seen it all. Also, don’t put it past Byer to refer to Google to ensure her partner’s health. Oh, and if you’re single, give her a call because she is looking. “I’m single, please date me,” she stressed multiple times. Overall though, she is a ridiculously funny human being and there is no doubt that she will have plenty more stories to tell in the future.

Someone get this woman her own TV show! Oh wait, that’s right, her new show “Loosely, Exactly Nicole” premiered on MTV not too long ago. It plays at 10:30p.m. on Monday nights. The show is comprised of part of Byer’s life along with other elements added in. The show is something that you could watch with a group of friends or alone by yourself. The comedic elements are to die for. If you enjoyed watching Nicole on Wednesday, then you will absolutely love “Loosely, Exactly Nicole.”

Christina Laderoute

Music writer/photographer. VP of marketing for UML's student-run record label, Seven Six Records.

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