Local indie rock group daisybones set to release debut album next month

“Gusto” will be the band’s first official album after the release of their debut single “Balisong” back in February. (Photo courtesy of Daisybones)

Timothy Clark
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In wake of releasing their first single this past February titled “Balisong,” local indie rockers Daisybones played a string of shows in the area, including a set at UnchARTed Art Gallery in Downtown Lowell. This high-energy band comes prepared to party when performing by bringing not only good tunes, but also a unique stage presence that coaxes laughter and smiles from the dancing crowd.

Daisybones is set to release their debut album, “gusto,” on April 20. The group has been working on this album for the better part of a year now.

Jordan Prange, guitarist for Daisybones, said, “It has been an interesting process seeing this all come together. We wrote the song “Blondie” about a year back; we started with the end of the album. Then “Mantra” came along which is the second track off the record. I personally had no idea of how the album was going to sound as a whole, but it all came together quite nicely. We wanted to make sure the record sounded whole and not just a collection of songs, so we put a good amount of thought into not just into the songs themselves, but the order they are on the album too. ”

The band gives an inside look into “gusto,” recorded at 37’ Productions in Rockland, Mass., with their single “Jerusalem.” Released on March 20, one month ahead of the album, this song reels the listener in right off the bat with a punchy drum intro paired with a fuzzed-out crunchy guitar riff and keeps them tuned in with an infectiously catchy verse and anthem of a chorus.

Regardless of the positive reception their singles and live act have received locally, the struggles of independently recording, releasing and promoting their music still fall on the shoulders of Daisybones.

“It’s been tough. Throughout the day I’ve had to find time between classes to devote to booking, promoting and networking the band. It’s really a second job,” says Jordan.

This band has been drumming up a buzz in the local music scene since their first live performance in the area in early December of last year, and that buzz only seems to be growing. Keep an eye and ear out for these guys as they continue their musical endeavors around town. Physical copies of Daisybones’ debut album “gusto” are available for pre-order and will be available for streaming and download April 20 on their Bandcamp page.

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