Lowell native Lynn Gunn finds success with PVRIS

PVRIS is currently planning a European concert tour to tie in with a new untitled album. (Photo courtesy of Rise Records)

Kathryn Leeber
Connector Staff

Most people know that making a name for oneself in the music industry is no easy task, especially when competing in a city full of musical talent.

Boston is known for its music scene, producing some well know local acts that go on to become well-known stars. The band PVRIS is certainly one of them.

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, known more colloquially as Lynn Gunn, is the lead vocalist in the band alongside guitarist Alex Babinski and bassist/keyboardist Brian MacDonald. Gunn is from Lowell while Babinski and MacDonald are from surrounding areas.

Before joining together to form PVRIS, the three would often visit venues in New Hampshire to watch other local acts perform, as well as play a set themselves. In fact, their first gig as PVRIS was in Manchester, N.H.

After their first appearance on the prestigious Vans Warped Tour in 2013, PVRIS began to attract a steady following of fans.

In 2014, PVRIS announced they had signed to Rise Records and became the first female-fronted band on that label. It was not until the release of their debut full-length album “White Noise” that things really began taking off for the group.

With a complex sound drawing inspiration from genres such as rock and pop, the group incorporates electronic and synth elements to match their aesthetic. PVRIS is known for their all-black style and paranormal elements in their music videos.

Gunn’s honesty and intense vocals provide a fresh sound in a male-dominated scene. She is also open about her sexuality as a gay woman, and this has resonated with many fans.

Their song “Holy” is about her experiences with those who use religion as a way to excuse their disapproval of homosexuality. Many fans have expressed their appreciation and respect for Gunn and the group as a whole for being brave enough to perform songs about something so personal.

The group has toured with some big-name bands including Fall Out Boy, Pierce the Veil, Bring Me The Horizon and A Loss For Words. Of course, it does not hurt that their manager is Matty Arsenault, the lead singer of A Loss For Words and a well-known advocate of the Boston punk scene.

As their success has grown, the band has still remained humble and appreciative, reminiscent of the musicians that were just starting out in 2012. After every song they perform, Gunn always thanks the crowd which speaks volumes to the kind of band PVRIS is.

It also shows why they “made it” as quickly as they did. “White Noise” peaked at number six on both Billboard’s Alternative Albums chart and Billboard’s Independent Albums chart.

All of the members are from small areas, but prove that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and patience.

In a 2015 interview with DIY Magazine, Gunn gave some sound advice: “Just envisage it, believe in yourself and never stop hustling,” she said. “Never stop working towards it and one day, you’ll magically find yourself there.”

For this group, there is nothing magic about it; they have worked and worked, toured and toured, and met with many fans to establish a lasting connection that makes fans want to share the greatness of PVRIS.

They have appeared on the cover of several music magazines ranging from Alternative Press to the UK-based Kerrang Magazine. In just a few short years, PVRIS has taken over the rock world. Their distinctive style is displayed in every music video; they have released one for each song off of “White Noise” and also released acoustic versions under the moniker “The Empty Room Sessions.”

Currently, the band has taken some time off after an extensive year of touring. They are in the process of recording their second record, which is due out sometime this year.

Now would be the time to jump on the PVRIS train. There is no doubt their career will only get larger and with so much anticipation around their next release, there is no stopping them now.

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