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Ultimate bar crawl in downtown Lowell

The Old Court Pub is known for their Old Court Shots. (Courtesy of The Old Court Pub)

Alex Salucco
Connector Editor

The phrase “bar crawl” to college students is equivalent to what the word “Christmas” means to children.

Executing the best bar crawl is a science. Diverse options, good prices, munchies and location are all essential to the formula. Luckily, this project has a cheat sheet that is not restricted to an eight by 12 index card.

1. Lowell Beer Works
Although the prices are not college student friendly, being located next to East Campus is a big reason why the crawl will start here.

The keys to starting off a bar crawl right are beer and a pregame meal. With more than a dozen home-brewed beers on tap and a greasy menu, it will not be hard to find something to choose.

Starting off light is important because, after all, this is a marathon. Their “B.W. Kolsch” and “Blue” are perfect prequels for what the night is about to bring.

The pregame meal is the most important variable in this equation for one reason: health. Fatty foods and protein are the way to go in this scenario because if alcohol gets in close contact with the stomach lining, bar crawl could end up being a more literal term.

2. El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill
This local favorite has 40 different types of tequila and a habit of making deadly margaritas. Cadillac, ultimate and Corona margaritas should do the trick and spice up the crawl.

While at El Potro and the rest of places on the itinerary, snack on salty and spicy foods if capable. Doing so will increase your desire for water which is vital.

Although their burritos may be tempting, stick with something lighter like the tamales mexicanos.

3. The Old Court Pub
The Old Court changes things up on with a traditional Irish pub style for guests. While it may not feel like Ireland, it is close enough with this stop on the bar crawl.

Along with atmosphere, drink selection and prices are reasonable at Old Court, as with most of the other selected locations. What separates Old Court from the rest more so than its theme, however, is its delicious specialty known as Old Court Shots.

4. Dudley’s Restaurant and Bar
Just around the corner from The Old Court, Dudley’s checks in as our second-to-last stop on the bar crawl. A revamped atmosphere, a back bar and patio make Dudley’s a downtown drink destination.

With a mix of students and locals, the Dudley’s crowd seems to be getting younger, which is a testament to UMass Lowell students making the trek to the bar. Staying there is just as important as getting there, of course. With a dance floor, DJs on certain nights, and favorable prices and options, it is easy to see why people stay there.

While winter may not be over just yet, when warmer weather comes around it will do favors for Dudley’s by allowing patrons to utilize the outdoor patio near the back bar to create more social interaction.

5. The Safe
The Last Safe & Deposit Co. — better known by students and locals as “The Safe” for short — makes the perfect bar crawl ending for two reasons: prices and location.

Most drinks at The Safe run between $4 and $6, which is friendly to a student’s budget after a long night of bar hopping. The low prices do not mean a trade-off for selection, however. Blue Moon, Angry Orchard and other bottled favorites, as well as mixed drink specials at these prices, are a step up from Bud Light at a student-friendly value.

Once all partied out, getting back to campus from The Safe is the least of one’s worries. UMass Lowell shuttles pick up and drop students off at The Safe via the Yellow Line, making the trip home a simple one.

Connector editor Marlon Pitter contributed to this article.

I am a proud graduate of Beverly High School and a senior at UMass Lowell majoring in English and minoring in digital media. In addition to being a staff writer and the Managing Editor for The Connector, I am also the Sports Director at the college's radio station, WUML. If you want to talk to me directly about any of my works, feel free to email me at Catch me every UMass Lowell Hokcey home game on 91.5 fm.

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