Swift’s new single is not good

Vrinda Punj
Connector Contributor

When Taylor Swift’s entire Instagram account was mysteriously wiped clean late last August, fans completely lost their minds. At that point, it became clear that the sweet country girl singing songs about summer love was gone entirely and replaced with a pop star whose only goal in life is to profit off the next catchy tune.

“Look What You Made Me Do” is the single for Swift’s new album coming out this November. Unfortunately for Swift, if this song is any indication of what to expect from the rest of the album, her longtime fans are not going to like this new direction.

Despite having a reputation for making catchy pop music, this song indicates that she can easily fail at doing just that. The chorus is endlessly repetitive, but instead of being catchy it is annoying and tiring to listen to.

In the pre-chorus she claims that she “rose up from the dead” like she always does. But bear in mind, Swift is no phoenix. Her new Instagram features a series of deadly looking snakes, and the new single certainly lives up to that image as it is merely a series of incorrigible hisses. But with every cloud come a silver lining, and the silver lining of this song happens to be the music video.

The truth is that for everything that everything the song lacks, it is made up for in the music video, which is an iconic masterpiece with a plethora of symbolism that represent significant events that took place in Swift’s life.

For example, the music video starts off in a graveyard, and Swift is the zombie. In the background there is a gravestone which has Nils Sjoberg written on it, a pseudonym Swift used when she helped her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris write the hit single “This Is What You Came For.”

Furthermore, later in the music video it is shown that Swift is bathing in a tub full of jewels as well as a single one-dollar bill. This is a reference to the single dollar she won in the sexual assault case against David Mueller, a DJ from Colorado who had groped her. It goes to show how much that victory in the court case meant to her.

Other things that are featured in the music video include Taylor Swift wearing a dress she wore in the music video for “Out of the Woods,” and different Swifts from all her past music videos appearing in the video as well. The ending scene even has Swift holding a VMA trophy, which references the 2009 VMAs in which Kanye West declared that Beyoncé deserved the award more than Swift.

These references really make the music video entertaining. It is just too bad that what makes the video so interesting is the references to a version of Swift that no longer exists. With that in mind, fans of the pop star will get plenty out of the video, just make sure to play it on mute.


  1. US said:

    I hope people realize that this is nothing more than a paid for promotional add for taylor swift to once again applaud her and give her credit for things she doesn’t actually do .the title seems against her but the article is alll for taylor..dont fall for these lying articles that are obviously paid for hype for taylor swift , BY TAYLOR SWIFT!

    • Brendan Jacques said:

      So Taylor Swift’s agency decided to pay off a school-run newspaper to give a positive review for a month old song that’s already wildly successful? Not following your logic here.

  2. US said:

    as much of a crooked liar and child manipulator she is I wouldn’t be surprised..she is spending more money on payola and crooked deals and false stories than ever before to try and salvage the lie of a life she has created.

    • Brendan Jacques said:

      …You doing okay buddy? Sorry for being rude, you’re entitled to your opinion on Taylor Swift and I’m not her biggest fan either personally, I just wasn’t expecting your response to be THIS deranged.

      • US said:

        I find it very interesting how you “celebrity reputation managers” who work for swift (people can google what the term means) with your fake accounts always run back to the same old lines..trying to discredit people, and call them crazy. taylor swift is a liar and a no talent who has lied to all of her young fans for years about everything so that she can be rich and famous starting with pretending to be country.and people need to know..so if you are a real person and I dont think you are..but if you are, I feel bad for you. because her fake friends have left her because she has been exposed as a nasty spoiled talentless brat, who tries to destroy anyone’s career who says anything against her or calls her out. she has a longer list of enemies than anyone else I could think of. I wonder why? she is NO ROLE MODEL FOR ANYONE. when you are a fan of a person in music spend your money on them, and then find out that they are a nasty person who has lied about everything to take your money.a person who has no real talent and had their parents pay their way and lie about record leads they never had..on and on.and who tried to pay their way and cheat their way…you want let people to know ..so you go ahead and do your job, I hope taylor swift is paying you well with your fake comment accounts..but I am one of many many people who will not stop calling her out. and I hope her Young fans know she isnt worth them supporting her or spending their money on her. because she doesn’t care about anyone or anything but herself, her ego, and her bank account!!

        • Owen Johnson said:

          Hold on, so you can accuse an entire student run newspaper of being on Taylor Swift’s payroll, but then when someone points out how inane that sounds you start complaining about trying to be discredited?

          Call out Taylor Swift all you want; it’s your right to do so and nobody commenting on this page cares. But if you’re going to outlandishly accuse people of getting paid off by Swift, you should expect some form of response about how far fetched you are being.

  3. US said:

    I just think its hilarious that Brenden says he doesn’t like taylor either yet he is hitting at someone else who doesn’t like Taylor..it makes no sense. and what i said isn’t outlandish at all..taylor has been exposed in the last few years as a major liar.nothing about her or her background or record deals her father actually got her, to the songs that were really written by max martin or liz rose that she still takes credit for is true. maybe this site should do some real research on what a phony she is? what do you think about that? and if you are trying to gain skills as a writer/journalist you need to really get the facts, and if the writer had they would not praise someone as fake and as bad a person as taylor swift. and I am not trying to sound rude. but someone like taylor swift who claims she taught herself the guitar and then tries to sue the very guitar teacher (ronnie cremer) who taught her for several years just because he exposed one of her many many lies and proved she didnt teach herself is not a good, honest person. This should be a great lesson. dont go down the crooked dishonest road the entertainment media is on..dont lie for people like taylor(not saying this writer knows any better) but dont do it. dont sell out and promote bad people like taylor swift. and im not gong to argue with anyone else. there are many many people like me who are very disturbed that she has lied cheated and manipulated her way while using a massive team of talented people who do everything for her, while she takes all the credit and goes after anyone who calls her out or wont bow to her talent less self, including other writers on mainstream publications who gave taylor real reviews .. and had her try and get them blacklisted because they were honest about her lack of talent…before you call me names get educated!

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