Business Analytics Society: An analytical approach

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Kelly Skelton
Connector Staff

The formerly-known Operation and Information Systems (OIS) club has a new look this fall. After re-branding their name to the Business Analytics Society (BAS), the organization has seen an increase in members and interest. Newly appointed president, Jack Carroll, cited rapid growth within the data and analytics field as reason for the sudden change. Carroll said, “Both the emergence of the analytics industry and the more welcoming switch from club to society sparked the idea of rebranding our organization.”

After noticing the stagnant member participation, Carroll decided to change a lot more than just the organization’s name. By adding new events and recycling old successes, the Business Analytics Society is aiming to appeal to more members than ever through the upcoming opportunities provided.

Carroll was not shy when asked about this year’s goals and objectives. “We are avidly trying to establish a platform for students interested in the supply chain, information systems, operations and the analytic fields,” said Carroll. Through their weekly meetings and events, the BAS organization hopes to create an umbrella of connection for these majors.

Last year, the organization toured key companies within their field such as UPS and iRobot. In addition, they hosted a unique event with a representative from Microsoft, in which students were able to participate in a question-and-answer discussion.

The main focus within the BAS industry lies on keeping up with technological trends. By proactively researching the current field and interacting with professionals, the group hopes to stay ahead of the race. “Analytics is crucial to relatively all future developments and breakthroughs in the business world,” said Carroll.

With the growth of data rising exponentially, Carroll and the Business Analytics Society have their work cut out for them. The sheer capabilities of the industry are extraordinary in themselves. “Every year the amount of data produced outweighs the total of all years in the past,” said Carroll. Some may see this statistic as daunting, organizations like the Business Analytics Society enjoy the opportunities.

The e-board of the BAS identified more urgency when it came to collaboration. “One of our main challenges is exposure,” said Carroll. However, the team is currently discussing co-hosting opportunities for a number of upcoming events with other business societies. “We’re looking forward to teaming up with some of our classmates with overlapping interest to provide more impactful events,” said Carroll. Aside from other student-run organizations, the Manning School of Business administration has also voiced its support of the Business Analytics Society.

Meetings for BAS are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 5-6p.m. For more information, students are encouraged to follow BAS on Twitter @Manning_BAS or contact the organization via email at

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