“Young Sheldon” starts with a bang and a bow-tie

“Young Sheldon” will begin its seasonal run starting November 2nd after “The Big Bang Theory.” (Courtesy of CBS)

Linda Poe
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Creators Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro did not disappoint with “Young Sheldon,” their new spin-off prequel to their long-running hit “The Big Bang Theory.” The sitcom premiered its much anticipated pilot episode last Monday night on CBS and it included the perfect mix of humor and sentiment.

In this series we get to explore theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper’s adolescent life in East Texas circa-1989 with a nostalgia-inducing narration from Jim Parsons, the actor who plays the adult Sheldon on the parent show.

Throughout the first episode, the audience is introduced to Sheldon’s family and delve into their individual relationships with him, as well as watch him struggle with starting high school at the tender age of nine alongside his less than happy older brother. With being a boy genius, there are many neurotic antics that were shared in the pilot such as already getting onto the nerves of teachers and classmates with his obsession of upholding the school’s dress code.

One of the major strengths of the show are the spot-on casting choices. Iain Armitage, who plays Sheldon Cooper in the show, puts in a great effort to uphold the character that Jim Parsons set out for him. It shows that Armitage really studied the role of his older counterpart to be able to express the same loveable yet sometimes overbearing character that is needed for “Young Sheldon”.

Although based only on the first episode, this opening act of Armitage proves that there will be many great moments for fans to tune into such as mini-tantrums looking for bow-ties to loving encounters with his parents.

Now although Armitage did a great job portraying Sheldon, there is one other character that deserves immense recognition – Mary Cooper. Zoe Perry did a fantastic job portraying such a bold-witted character.

Perry’s interactions with Armitage really set the pace for the two characters relationship and their interactions throughout the first episode were all highlights. Perry was able to portray every established characteristic of Mary Cooper terrifically, from her overbearing love of Sheldon to her overbearing love of religion. Perry was also able to emulate all the mannerisms and powerful Texas accent that fans have come to enjoy and love from Mrs.Cooper.

Overall, the episode shows great potential for becoming a huge hit with many different audiences. For “The Big Bang Theory” enthusiast, “Young Sheldon” is finally a way to put an image to the many childhood stories of Sheldon Cooper including his love for Professor Proton and Stephen Hawking. All of this is happening while still being just a fun-loving, and sometimes darkly humorous, comedy for any first-time viewers of the show. The only major downfall is that the wait for the next episode is extended until Nov. 2, which will have its fans anticipating once again to watch “Young Sheldon.”

Final Grade: A

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