Top five best television show intro songs

The “Game of Thrones” theme was composed by Ramin Djawadi (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Television).

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Choosing a theme song is a small but imperative part to creating a successful television show, and the most successful shows tend to have a hook or some way to get their audience to stay committed to the show and continue to watch it. For many, the plot is not enough. Sometimes there needs to be something that gets the viewers to be locked in before they even know the characters’ names. There are several elements that go into creating the perfect intro to a show. There needs to be uniqueness, originality, catchiness and it should be easily recognizable. These are the top five theme songs that helped these television shows with their success.

5. “Malcolm in the Middle”

Yes? No? Maybe? It is not exactly a hit, but the song “Boss of Me” by They Might Be Giants is certainly interesting and catches the attention of everyone. The show came at the height of the 1990s, and the song is quite fitting for it with its grungy rock feel that almost requires headbanging during the chorus every time. It also fits in with the show because it centers around Malcolm, a boy-genius who finds ways to get into trouble to appear cool and have fun. This leads him to disobey his parents, teachers and other authorities. The line “You’re not the boss of me now” fits with the personality type of Malcolm.

4. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Originality is key for memorable theme songs. Although a fictional sitcom, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is about Will Smith, who is portrayed by Will Smith, and his experiences when he moves from West Philadelphia to Bel-Air to live with his rich family. Smith was a rapper in addition to an actor at the time the show was created, so the intro encompasses his personal rapping about the events that are based off the real ones that occurred in his actual life. The rap is very fitting for the show because both blend together real and fictional events from Will Smith’s childhood and early adulthood. The rap is available on Spotify on Will Smith’s page.

3. “Friends”

“I’ll Be There for You” seems to be an important part of both the theme song and the show itself. Centered around six friends, the show “Friends” is introduced by the song “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts. The six friends are inseparable, as seen through their several predicaments and drama that occurs over the course of the 10 years the show aired. Although this is a one-hit-wonder situation, The Rembrandts’ sole popular song will be remembered infinitely for the catchiness and popularity of the television show.

2. “The Office”

One of the most recognizable tunes of them all, “The Office” theme song is truly unique because it has no lyrics or real meaning to the show, but the upbeat and peppiness of the song brings happiness to anyone who willingly or unwillingly knows what crazy journey lies ahead in the show. The song features a keyboard and some kind of woodwind instrument. This song was not originally created for the television show, but was bought by them from The Scrantones. This group is from Scranton, Penn. where the fictional show takes place. This adds a layer of believability to “The Office” because of the effort it took in making “The Office” appear to be a real office in a real city that was being turned into an actual documentary.

1. “Game of Thrones”

Original songs are always a plus when it comes to an intro. It is something that unmistakably means that the show is coming on. The intro song to “Game of Thrones” is so long that it is probably skipped every time after it is heard for the first time. The orchestral piece is so good that it has even been performed worldwide by orchestras and bands.  It is fitting for the theme of the show because of its dark and powerful chords with a loud and permeating percussion that announce to the world that this show means business. In addition, the composer chose a cello as the main instrument heard in the chorus.  The accompanying visuals explain vaguely the different kingdoms and other key elements that are important to the show.

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