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Five secret study spots in and around UMass Lowell

Megan Dillon, Bryan Gomez, Shae Carter, Janden Mendola
Connector Contributors

Tired of returning to the same study spot every day? Try one of these five secret locations to enhance your studying experience!

The third floor of University Crossing

The center of the university buzzes with concentrated thoughts on UCrossings third floor. This space offers study rooms that include whiteboards, comfy seats and outlets. Making it the perfect atmosphere for group or individual learning. Long study tables encompass the middle of this atmosphere for learning solo, but surrounded by fellow scholars.

Coburn Hall second floor

Step into a time capsule celebrating Lowell’s history before one’s next exam. Joan of Arc greets students with her beautiful marble statue dated with the graffiti of student’s of Lowell’s past. There are plenty of tables to work next to the grand windows of the building with brand new shining outlets.

Third floor of Lydon Library

In a typically packed library, one would not think there would be great space to study. The third floor of Lydon exposed a picturesque view of campus through large glass windows. If that is not enough Lydon has some of the quietest quarters on campus.

Lowell Telecommunications Center (LTC)

LTC prides itself on their fully functioning television studios that contain top of the line equipment like a green screen, HD cameras, multi-track audio mixers and professional studio lighting. Contribute one’s voice and presence as LTC offers several study spaces as well as a unique space in Lowell’s oldest mills.


If students need an escape from the bustling campus of UMass Lowell, UnchARTed is the place to be. In the heart of downtown Lowell, this spot provides a calm and refreshing atmosphere where the studious River Hawks can focus on their work. Enjoy their extensive menu, and treat oneself to some live, local music afterwards as a reward.