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With the rise of virtual learning, are snow days a thing of the past at UMass Lowell?

With the rise of virtual learning, are snow days a thing of the past at UMass Lowell?

(Photo Courtesy of Boston 25 News) Lowell was recently buried under two feet of snow during a winter storm. Michael Parke Connector Contributor For UMass Lowell students enrolled in virtual classes, the longed-for snow day has disappeared. Although in-person classes might become normal again in the future, it begs the question: are snow days gone

Artist Steve Locke the first Greeley Peace Scholar speaker – discusses memory and the built form of artwork in relation to history and racism

[Pat Greenhouse / Boston Globe] Steve Locke was the first speaker for the Greeley Peace Scholar Speaker Series. Kaliisha Cole Connector Editor On October 10, 2020, a Greeley Peace Scholar Speaker Series event was held over a Zoom webinar. The speaker series is supported by the Reverend Dana McLean Greeley Fellowship for Peace Studies and

Salesforce Club teaches students professional skills

(Photo Courtesy of Kyra Barry Connector Contributor Since its founding over 15 years ago, Salesforce has become an integral tool for many businesses across the globe as a customer relationship management software. For the past year, the Salesforce club at UMass Lowell has been offering students on campus an opportunity to utilize the organization’s

Students say they worry about their votes mattering

Julia Ashley  Connector Contributor In the political sphere, two extremes dominate the discussion: those who are not aware of any political agenda, and people who care very much about the political climate. A point of contention between these two differing views often stems from the subject of voting participation or lack thereof among the different

Forget a quick fix, dedicate yourself to chipping away at the mental health stigma

One in three college freshmen in the United States struggle with mental illness, according to the American Psychological Association. (Photo courtesy of the Canadian Mental Health Commission) Serena Arora Connector Staff Last month, like many of you, I saw Warner Bros. Pictures’ “The Joker” in theaters and I was thoroughly entertained by it.  But a nagging voice kept scratching at me throughout the

UMass Lowell professor and alumna give student writers advice in preparation for Writers on Campus series

Serena Arora Connector Staff UMass Lowell’s “Writers on Campus Series” will be returning to campus with readings by UMass Lowell English professor Maureen Stanton and UMass Lowell alumna Diannely Antigua. The readings will be held on Nov. 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the UMass Lowell O’Leary Library Mezzanine. After the readings, there will be a

No laptops, no Uber, and definitely no phones: unique professor rules

Brigid Archibald Connector Editor This is the routine in nursing major Shanneah Manchur’s English class: As students walk into the classroom, they take out their phones, turn them off and line them up on the lip of the dry erase board. If a phone goes off? Their professor will place it on his desk and

Local woman’s body found in Merrimack River; man arrested on Howe Bridge in unrelated incident

Authorities recover body found below O’Donnell Bridge early Tuesday morning. (Photo courtesy of Jon Winkler/Lowell Sun) Aaron Robinson Connector Editor  The Lowell Police and Fire departments responded to a report of a woman’s body found below the O’Donnell Bridge early Tuesday morning and arrested a Lowell man in an unrelated case a few hours later

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