You can now sleep in UCrossing

UCrossing is a hub for many University offices. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Sciascia)

Emmanuel Edobor-Ovabor
Connector Contributor

A few months ago, when students trekked to University Crossing to study for exams or complete assignments, they were usually up against an ever-running clock. The multi-purpose hub would close at 12 o’clock every night. However, as many college and graduate students understand, the academic grind does not stop at midnight. It is very common for students to end their exam preparation or complete their assignments in the early mornings. For that reason, the university implemented 24-hour studying during the final period to the appeal of many students. Now they are expanding this policy throughout the entirety of the semester to the enjoyment of students.


University Crossing will be open for 24-hours from Sunday to Thursday every week. All open areas and the Club Hub will be available for use on those specific days. Although recently announced, many students are familiar with the involved processes because of its implementation during finals week. The feedback is almost completely positive no matter who is asked.


Although University Crossing is more accessible for students on East campus, the study space is equally beneficial for all students. Regardless if you live on East, South, or commute, having the building open allows people to have constant access to another place on campus for around-the-clock studying hours.


All students seem to appreciate this change because they understand how useful it is, even if they do not personally utilize it. Seth Kary, an electrical engineering major responsible for organizing events for a gaming club, often hosts them in the evening hours at UCrossing. He is one of many students who are delighted with the change.


“I think it’s a really good idea because you got kids who want to be somewhere quiet where they could study or somewhere just not in their dorm, in a different environment,” he said. “I know a lot of kids who are up until 3 a.m. studying, but on the flip side, some people just want to hang out. It’s a change for a better for all of the students, academically and socially.”


Another student, Kelly Waruy, a sophomore commuter from the Lowell area, is also in favor of this change. As a freshman, Kelly would come to University Crossing “with a friend or two and study for two to three hours. Sometimes four if for a final,” but now participating in work-study programs and other academic feats, his primary place of studying has relocated. Regardless of his limited time there, he is still for the new 24-hour policy.


“It is very beneficial. I know there are those hard-workers who study non-stop, so I think it is a great resource to have,” he said. This is a creed held by many.


The security associated with this new policy has been a top priority of the university. Students who arrive after midnight will likely have to enter through the Salem street entrance closer to the bus stop and scan their UCards. There will also be security officers present on all times throughout the night.

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