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Why the air fryer is the pinnacle of technology

(Photo courtesy of CNN) “A Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, which CNN called the best air fryer of 2023.”

Steven O’Hara
Connector Editor

Have you ever been at home, fiending for a nice hot meal, but didn’t have a working oven? Well, I haven’t, because my air fryer is still the go-to tool for any meal that needs to be cooked or reheated. It is the pinnacle of cooking technology and the height of human technological advancement. Forget the iPhone—get into the air fryer.

Now, many might be wondering: what is an air fryer? This kitchen asset is a countertop appliance similar to an oven, but it uses hot air to cook food instead of an open flame or using heated coils. They operate by circulating hot air into the built-in container, which evenly heats the food and cooks it from the inside. For some, their toasters can’t even do that.

In our ever-changing world, technology is the one constant thing in human society that seems to always be evolving to higher levels. It seems that our everyday tools transform with each new scientific discovery. Even the oven, which is a staple for many kitchens and homes, has evolved into a faster and more compact version. I could cook an entire meal for my immediate and extended family just by using an air fryer. I’m not the only person who has this ideology.

My close friend was originally against air fryers, so much so that they refused to buy one. Every time I would bring up the majesty of this simplistic kitchen tool, she would disregard what I said and often not believe in my praise. However, after her mom bought one for their house and they were able to make chicken wings in under sixteen minutes, she knew the true power it held. Now, she is an air fryer believer.

What else could humanity need that the air fryer does not provide? If I was going on a five-hour road trip and really wanted a warm meal, I would just need an attachment that would plug my air fryer into the car and heat up the T-bone steak I had stashed away in my glove compartment. Even if I was at a restaurant and my meal was served to me cold, forget sending it back to the kitchen. I’ll plug in my air fryer and have that plate of food cooked in under five minutes. Their convenient size, fast cooking time and little to no mess makes it the perfect tool for a simple and easy meal.

Now, I will admit that this cooking tool isn’t perfect. Its compact size does limit the amount of food that can be cooked at one time. Making a bigger version of an air fryer isn’t feasible, as that is just an oven. However, I am a college student with no children (that I know of); I have one mouth to feed, and that is my own. Anyone who disagrees with the air fryer being the ultimate technological advancement has every right to their opinion. However, I’d like to pose an open-ended question: would you rather wait 20 minutes for your oven to heat up or have a hot meal cooked within minutes?

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