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Top five hardest Papa’s “Gamerias”

(Photo courtesy of: Kizi) “‘Papa’s Sushiria’ is the hardest game in the series.”

Kimberly Mai
Connector Editor

With over 10 themes, the Papa Louie’s restaurant time-management games—created by Flipline Studios—are staples of many gamers’ childhoods. The franchise has expanded to other platforms aside from web browsers, including iOS and Andriod apps as well as having Windows exclusive game, “Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe”. Yet, many have grown up on the web browser version of such games, so which ones are the most challenging computer games?

5. “Papa’s Freezeria”

There are over 20 more in-game achievements to earn in this game compared to “Taco Mia,” its predecessor; the restaurant is fully customizable, with over 100 items to purchase, and includes hats the player can wear to help improve their scores. This is one of the first games to establish weekly paychecks, which allow players to have extra money to purchase upgrades, clothes and decorations. There are also more timing-based aspects in the initial assembling of the ice cream and a more limited area for placing toppings, making the game more difficult than the previous three games in the series.

Overall Grade: B

4. “Papa’s Pastaria”

This is the first of the series to introduce a dining room, where players can hire wait staff to take orders as well as customize them. It’s also the first game to have an ending, making a complete storyline. Players can also pause the cooking or pasta and cause spillage in the cooking station when spills in previous games would usually happen in the toppings station. This game doesn’t have all the posters and furniture to boost scores for limited edition ingredients, making players put in more effort to keep their scores up.

Overall Grade: B+

3. “Papa’s Cupcakeria”

This is the first of the series to introduce seasons and holidays, where limited edition ingredients are available on certain days.This is also the only game where customers can order two versions of their meal with different toppings. There is almost a 3-D element when it comes to putting on frosting, which makes it difficult for players to make sure that they put on the frosting properly.

Overall Grade: B+

2. “Papa’s Wingeria”

Most of the Papa’s games have loading screens that show the customers, allowing players to predict and prepare their orders ahead of time. For “Wingeria,” the loading screen shows the number of wings, their flavors and their sauces for the first three orders as indicated by the surrounding signs. Despite that hint, the game also has more focus on timing and precision thanks to its complex sauce mixing station and placing of wings as they leave stains after the first placement. The player can temporarily pause the cooking of the wings as well.

Overall Grade: A-

1. “Papa’s Sushiria”

In this game, players can make sushi as well bubble tea for customers. There is a thin space for sushi toppings since toppings are placed along a cylinder rather than a flat surface, making it prone to spills, as well as a multiple-cutting system. The doorbell that alerts players of customers is significantly cheaper than in the other games, which helps players in the long run. The new sticker feature also allows players to buy new outfits.

Overall Grade: A+

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