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Boston parking garage collapse highlights need for ongoing infrastructural initiatives

Boston parking garage collapse highlights need for ongoing infrastructural initiatives

(Photo courtesy of Live Boston 617) The collapse of the Boston Government Center parking garage highlights the need for infrastructural initiatives to continue to prioritize human safety over development.  Harrison Lee Connector Editor On March 26, a large portion of Boston’s Government Center parking garage collapsed, resulting in the fatality of Peter Monsini. In the wake

Sleeper director’s film turns 20, upon covering a 70 year old narrative about a very ‘Quiet American’

(Photo Courtesy of Miramax Films) “The Quiet American” celebrates the 20th Anniversary of it’s initial theatrical release. Harrison Lee Connector Editor Director Phillip Noyce may not be one of the most prominent names when it comes to filmmaking. However, the working man behind “Patriot Games,” “Clear and Present Danger” and “Salt” has produced quite a

International factors influencing rising gas prices: An economic viewpoint on the increase

(Photo courtesy Opera News) The national average for gasoline is projected to go above $6 in the foreseeable future. Consumers have yet to be presented a transparent solution to curbing this inflation. Harrison Lee Connector Editor As recent as this past February, American gas prices have begun to skyrocket. The national average for the United

Jack Ryan Season 3 is not yet as Clear and Present to check out as this series entry

(Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures) “Clear and Present Danger” was Ford’s 2nd Jack Ryan film following “Patriot Games.” Harrison Lee Connector Editor When John Krasinski took up producing and acting in the lead role of Amazon Prime’s “Jack Ryan”, many fans of the Ryanverse considered him the best actor to play the CIA analyst since

In the midst of economic turmoil, is Russian history repeating itself?

(Photo courtesy of Dimitry Christoprudov/Wikipedia) Due to economic sanctions, Russia has closed their stock market amid the country’s invasion into Ukraine. Harrison Lee Connector Editor On Feb. 24, the Russian Federation deployed their military forces into Ukraine with a clear and present motive for invasion. As the battle between the Russian Army, the Ukrainian Army

30 years later, Tom Clancy’s legacy proves it’s worth revisiting a Jack Ryan of the past

(Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures) “Patriot Games” was released on June 5, 1992. It is currently available to stream on Hulu. Harrison Lee Connector Editor Since its 2018 release, “Jack Ryan” has become one of the most popular streamed shows on Amazon Prime, and fans are patiently waiting for season three, which is scheduled for release

Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem were busy “Being the Ricardos” last Christmas

(Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios) “Being the Ricardos” was released on Dec. 10, 2021. Harrison Lee Connector Editor Whether or not one has seen the show “I Love Lucy”, chances are they have at least heard of it. What many of today’s generation may not know, however, is that the show’s married couple was married

How to notice red hot garbage in a star-studded Netflix hit that misses entirely

(Photo courtesy of Flynn Picture Company) “Red Notice” was released for Netflix on Nov. 5, 2021. Harrison Lee Connector Editor What do you get when you put Wonder Woman, Deadpool and The Rock in the same movie? The result is, unfortunately, a red-hot mess of embarrassment. But, with great star power comes great attention, and