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How the video game industry is helping Ukraine

How the video game industry is helping Ukraine

(Photo courtesy of SEGA Corporation) Tanner Hume Connector Editor It has been one month since the Russo-Ukrainian War started and with that the call for support has been signaled from multiple fronts. Video games in the 21st century have been on a massive roll, and the options for in-game purchases have allowed for companies to

International factors influencing rising gas prices: An economic viewpoint on the increase

(Photo courtesy Opera News) The national average for gasoline is projected to go above $6 in the foreseeable future. Consumers have yet to be presented a transparent solution to curbing this inflation. Harrison Lee Connector Editor As recent as this past February, American gas prices have begun to skyrocket. The national average for the United

UMass Lowell faculty discuss ongoing conflict in Ukraine

(Photo courtesy of David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe) People gather in front of the Massachusetts State House in solidarity with Ukraine in response to Russia’s invasion. William Doherty Connector Contributor On March 1, six members of the political science department addressed questions and concerns about the invasion of Ukraine to a packed auditorium. The panel,

In the midst of economic turmoil, is Russian history repeating itself?

(Photo courtesy of Dimitry Christoprudov/Wikipedia) Due to economic sanctions, Russia has closed their stock market amid the country’s invasion into Ukraine. Harrison Lee Connector Editor On Feb. 24, the Russian Federation deployed their military forces into Ukraine with a clear and present motive for invasion. As the battle between the Russian Army, the Ukrainian Army