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“First Man” is only second rate

“First Man” is only second rate

“First Man” has made $60 million at the box office. (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor What is needed to make a great historical drama is either an interesting figure or a fascinating event to focus on. Neil Armstrong is that figure and the space race to the moon is that event,

Watching ‘Coco’ should be the new Thanksgiving tradition

(Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) Taylor Dorian Connector Staff “Coco” is a movie that every family should see together. Not only does this movie provide the perspective of a culture outside of the U.S., but it reminds us how valuable family is. “Coco” tells the story of Miguel, a young Mexican musician

The incompetency of ‘Halloween’ is terrifying

“Halloween” ignores the rest of the series established beyond the original film. (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor This “Halloween” is very similar to Jamie Lee Cutris’ character in the movie. Both have had long times to prepare for the eventual return of Michael Myers, and the way each go about the

UMass Lowell philosophy department to show ‘Prince of Darkness’ as part of Philosophy and Film series

“Prince of Darkness” was filmed in 30 days. (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures) Linda Poe Connector Contributor Worthy horror films are known for their paralyzing suspense, terrifying killers and eerie music; however, this genre of film can also exhibit a deep and intellectual message. This is what the UMass Lowell’s philosophy department hopes to demonstrate during

Underrated Classic: ‘The Thing’ is a thing of perfection

“The Thing” initially received negative critical reception upon its release. (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor Of course the term of perfect is not something that can actually be applied to a film. Every film has at least a few details, whether major or minor, that go wrong. That being said, it is

There better be an antidote for ‘Venom’

Tom Hardy is already signed to star in two more “Venom” films. (Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing) Owen Johnson Connector Editor How bad is “Venom” exactly? If it were the first movie someone was to see Tom Hardy in, they would probably be wondering how someone with such a bad eye for scripts could

‘A Star is Born,’ and so is a masterpiece

Willie Nelson’s son Lukas helped with writing the music for “A Star is Born.” (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor Giving “A Star is Born” the compliment of calling it the best movie of 2018 so far is an insult. It is easily the best movie that has come out in

Academy-award winning filmmaker Salem Brahimi brings ‘Abd El-Kader’ to campus

Brahimi speaking with students in Lydon Library. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Manning/Connector) Hannah Manning Connector Editor Emir Abdelkader, the first leader of the Algerian state, was a man composed of many parts; he was not only man but religious leader, military strategist and son of a muqaddam. At times, he seemed to defy humanity itself.

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