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Jennifer Lopez dominates “Hustlers”

Jennifer Lopez dominates “Hustlers”

Hustlers had the most successful opening weekend in STX Entertainment’s history, with 33.2 million dollars. (Photo courtesy of IndieWire) Troy Lafond Connector Editor “Hustlers” follows Constance Wu as Destiny and Jennifer Lopez as Ramona, among a large ensemble cast, as former strippers who decide to take advantage on their Wall Street clients to make a

Top 10 Movies of 2019 Summer

“Avengers: Endgame” surpassed “Avatar” to become the highest grossing movie of all time. (Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) Troy Lafond Connector Editor 10: Aladdin – While the live action remakes of Disney animated classics may be a bit creatively bankrupt, “Aladdin” stands out among the pack not just for simply being one

“IT: Chapter 2” is scarily long

“IT: Chapter 2” is expected to have the second-highest opening weekend for a horror movie in the US with 91 million dollars. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures) Troy Lafond Connector Editor “IT Chapter 2,” starring an ensemble class including Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough, Bill Hader as Richie Tozier,

Underrated Classics: ‘Viy’

A remake of “Viy” was released in 2014. (Photo courtesy of Mosfilm) Hannah Manning Connector Editor It took 45 years for the Soviet Union to produce and release its first horror film, but the wait paid off. “Viy,” directed by Konstantin Ershov and Georgiy Kropachyov, is a film that dazzles with its practical effects and

‘Hellboy’ is bad, and the devil is in the details

This is the third live-action film in the franchise. (Photo courtesy of Variety) Owen Johnson Connector Editor Step aside Halle Berry’s “Catwoman” and Joel Schumacher’s “Batman & Robin”; 2019’s “Hellboy” is the unmitigated embarrassment when it comes to cinematic adaptions of comic books now. When the ancient sorceress Nimue (Milla Jovovich) from the time of King

Lightning did not strike for ‘Shazam’

Dwayne Johnson was originally in talks to play the villain of Black Adam, who ended up not appearing in the film. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures) Troy Lafond Connector Editor At the beginning of the second act of “Shazam,” the newest entry in the DC Cinematic Universe, there is a scene where the titular

‘Pet Sematary’ has more wrong than just the spelling

There are talks of a prequel film to “Pet Sematary.” (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor The phrase, “Sometimes, dead is better,” is plastered over every advertisement for “Pet Sematary,” based on the novel by Stephen King of the same name. Ironically, the filmmakers did not head this warning and decided to

Underrated Classics: ‘The Naked Gun’ is comedic mastery

“The Naked Gun” is based off of the short-lived television series “Police Squad!” (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Editor Before the dredge of comedic-spoof movies like “Scary Movie” and “Epic Movie” were being pumped out as the laziest, most cynical cash grabs in the history of Hollywood, spoof comedy actually had a

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