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‘Deepwater Horizon’ is yet another letdown

‘Deepwater Horizon’ is yet another letdown

“Deepwater Horizon” was adapted from the New York Times’ article “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours”, which was published on December 25, 2010 (Image provided by Summit Entertainment). Owen Johnson Connector Staff This movie may just be one of the best examples of a film that turns a real life event with plenty of untapped story potential

‘Slap Shot’ Misses its Mark

“Slap Shot” was panned by critics during it’s initial release, though the critical reception has become more positive since then. (Image provided by Universal Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Staff ‘Slap Shot’ is a surprisingly tough movie to review, as there is plenty to say about it, but there is surprisingly little to say about most

The Below Average Seven: ‘The Magnificent Seven’ review

“The Magnificent Seven” hit theaters this past weekend. (Photo courtesy of Colombia Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Staff It has only been one week since “Blair Witch,” and there is already a new generic remake of a film that exists solely to make money. At least other remakes use recognizable titles to make a profit; this

‘Blair Witch’ adds to list of 2016’s letdowns

The “Blair Witch” reboot was filmed using the code-name “The Woods.” (Photo courtesy of Vertigo Entertainment) Owen Johnson Connector Staff “Blair Witch” is the latest example of a sequel or remake coming out at least a decade after the last movie to make a bunch of money because of its easily marketable name recognition. Taking

War Dogs review: “We kinda liked it!”

Packouz (Teller) and Diveroli (Hill) as ill prepared for their meeting as audiences were for what this movie would bring to the table. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Studios) Andrew Sciascia Connector Staff Ever ask yourself where tax dollars are spent by the federal government?  Todd Phillip’s film ‘War Dogs’, the true story of how

Unlike real life, ‘Sully’ doesn’t crash

Sullenberger (Hanks) and Skiles (Eckhart) prepare for the public hearing after the accident. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Staff Even at eighty-six years old, Clint Eastwood proves that he is still all there when it comes to filmmaking. Based around the event that became known as the Miracle on the Hudson,

Get full on ‘Sausage Party’

Sausage Party has been in development since 2008. (Photo courtesy of Colombia Pictures) Henry St. Pierre and Benjamin St. Pierre Connector Staff A rated-R animated film is something unheard of to most moviegoers, and to the film industry itself, especially in an animation style akin to Pixar movies. That’s exactly what Seth Rogen and company

‘Don’t Breathe’ runs out of fresh air

“Don’t Breathe” was created by the same staff that made 2013’s “Evil Dead” reboot. (Photo courtesy of Stage 6 Films) Owen Johnson Connector Staff I found “Don’t Breathe” to be a very appropriate way to end a lackluster summer movie season that started out looking a little promising. What I mean by that is that

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