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Current laundry situation in Sheehy Hall is disastrous

Current laundry situation in Sheehy Hall is disastrous

(Photo courtesy of YouVisit) “Sheehy and Concordia Halls are connected, and serve as two of the three resident halls on South Campus.” Troy Lafond Connector Editor As of this semester, UMass Lowell’s laundry machines were made free for residential students. This did raise the cost of housing, but made laundry machines more accessible for many

Ranking the Grammys’ 2023 album of the year nominees

(Photo courtesy of Billboard) The nominees for album of the year have caused much discussion around the internet. Troy Lafond Connector Editor   Mary J Blige – “Good Morning Gorgeous”  “Good Morning Gorgeous” is the biggest surprise of this year’s slate. While Mary J. Blige has transcended into icon status, this album sees her on

“House of the Dragon” burns bright in triumphant season 1

(Photo courtesy of Variety) “House of the Dragon” has wowed viewers after a controversial and critically panned “Game of Thrones” finale. Troy Lafond Connector Editor For varying reasons, many expected “Game of Thrones” spin-off series “House of the Dragon” to be a failure. For much of its run, “Game of Thrones” stood up as the

Why are students being held accountable for Satisfactory Academic Progress for Covid years?

(Photo courtesy of University of Missouri-St. Louis) “Students nationwide need to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards to be eligible for financial aid.” Troy Lafond Connector Editor For many students of all ages around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic was significantly intrusive in the ability to complete school. Many students had to take withdrawals from a

Taylor Swift sleepwalks through “Midnights” until “3am”

(Photo courtesy of Billboard) Taylor Swift breaks new sound barriers on her latest effort. Troy Lafond Connector Editor Among contemporary pop stars, very few have switched styles as seamlessly, effectively and consistently as Taylor Swift. Starting in country, transitioning to pop, and then, more recently, to alternative, she has shown a penance for constant musical

UMass Lowell meal swipe donation program falls short

(Photo courtesy of Bergmeyer) “University Dining Commons is the main dining hall on East Campus.” Troy Lafond Connector Editor Last week, students at UMass Lowell received an email looking for students willing to take part in a meal swipe donation program. Claiming that 37% of the student population often goes undernourished, this program looks for

Don’t worry about rushing out to theaters: “Don’t Worry Darling” doesn’t live up to hype

(Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures) “Don’t Worry Darling is Harry Styles’ first movie with a leading role.” Troy Lafond Connector Editor After releasing the critically acclaimed and excellent coming of age comedy “Booksmart”, director Olivia Wilde shifted gears to make her sophomore outing a thriller. “Don’t Worry Darling” had a lot going for it: