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‘Rogue One’: A story not worth telling

‘Rogue One’: A story not worth telling

“Rogue One” is the eighth “Star Wars” film and was released on Dec. 10, 2016. (Courtesy of Disney) Owen Johnson Connector Staff “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is the first film in a lineup of standalone movies set in the Star Wars universe. As the entire premise of having stand alone movies in this

Underrated Classic: “Galaxy Quest”

“Galaxy Quest” was first conceived as a science-fiction film called “Captain Starshine” back in 1997. (Courtesy of Dreamworks Pictures) Owen Johnson  Connector Staff In the 1990s, after the outpour of parody films by people like Mel Brooks and the Zucker brothers had either come to an end or deteriorated in quality, “Galaxy Quest” came about to

‘Air Bud:’ What were they thinking?

“Air Bud” made $30 million during it’s initial release. (Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Staff There is an episode of “The Simpsons” where Krusty the Klown decides to run a new cartoon in place of Itchy and Scratchy. The cartoon ends up being so stupid and baffling that he just blankly stares

‘Doctor Strange’ fails to disappoint

Dr Strange first appeared in “Strange Tales #110” back in July 1963. (Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios) Owen Johnson Connector Staff The great irony about Marvel’s starting movies is that the ones with the premises and characters that would be most appealing to mainstream audiences are the movies that get played safe while the, pardon

Underrated Classics: ‘Scream 2’

“Scream 2” had multiple name changes during development before settling on the final title, including “Scary Sequel” and “The Sequel to Scream”. (Photo courtesy of Dimension Films) Owen Johnson Connector Staff “Scream 2” is an anomaly of a film. It is not only a sequel in a horror franchise that manages to be good, it

‘The Accountant’ is a pleasant surprise

“The Accountant” was originally set to star Mel Gibson in the lead role with the Coen Brothers directing. (Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Staff “The Accountant” is one of those few movies where, for every positive attribute you can name for the movie, there is essentially an equal con to conflict with

Underrated Classics: ‘The Nice Guys’

“The Nice Guys” is the third film directed by Shane Black, the director behind 2012’s “Iron Man 3” as well as 2005’s “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures) Owen Johnson Connector Staff In a year of generic remakes, massive letdowns, and cinematic embarrassments, “The Nice Guys” is an anomalous diamond in

‘Deepwater Horizon’ is yet another letdown

“Deepwater Horizon” was adapted from the New York Times’ article “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours”, which was published on December 25, 2010 (Image provided by Summit Entertainment). Owen Johnson Connector Staff This movie may just be one of the best examples of a film that turns a real life event with plenty of untapped story potential

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