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A farewell letter from your editor-in-chief

A farewell letter from your editor-in-chief

Men’s soccer won the America East championship back in November 2016. (Matt Dwyer/Connector) Dear UMass Lowell, It has been an absolute pleasure serving as the editor-in-chief of The Connector for the last two years and bringing you news for the last four. As we present the final Connector issue of the year, I want to

10 ways to live more sustainably (and save money)

Emma Hargraves Connector Contributor Living sustainably means paying attention to how and what one consumes. The goal is to limit our use of energy the best we can and consider the environment in our daily life choices to ensure long-term ecological balance. From cradle to crypt, each commodity contributes to climate change in one way

Verging on predatory: Edge Merrimack River’s shady marketing practices

Andrew Sciascia Connector Editor “Find Your Freedom.” Chances are, if you have been active on the UMass Lowell campus this semester you have encountered Edge Merrimack River. You’ve seen them tabling by our dining halls. You’ve heard their pitch. And chances are, if you saw the email from Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Larry Siegel

How to make cow tongue tacos

Amelia Long UMass Lowell Student As students, all of us will endure an academic journey. Whether the destination leads to a career in medicine, engineering, business, or the arts, getting there will involve getting over a few bumps in the road. While we’re persevering through our endeavors, we mustn’t forget those who have guided us along

Letter to the editor: Empty promises, full graves

The USS Ross was one of two Navy destroyers that launched the attack on the Syrian air base. (Justin Stumberg/U.S. Navy/ Reuters) Dear editor, President Trump recently made the short-sighted decision to launch 59 tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian air base controlled by the Bashar al-Assad regime. Officially, the strike is a reprisal for

Take a knee and you are forced to sit

The Colin Kaepernick Foundation has raised over $500,000 since October. Kaepernick himself has raised and donated millions more to oppressed individuals across the country. (Courtesy of: Michael Zagaris/Getty Images) Alex Salucco Connetor Editor I think everybody could see this one coming; Colin Kaepernick appears to be “blacklisted” by the NFL. After putting the country on

Letter to the editor: “Salt in the Wound”

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan presents the American Healthcare Act. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP) Dear editor, The American Healthcare Act (AHCA) is a deeply flawed piece of legislation that threatens to undo the increases in health coverage and benefits that were made available under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. Both the

Letter to the editor: School of Nursing Interim Dean Karen Melillo addresses HESI policy update

Dear Editor, Your Feb. 20 article on concerns raised by some nursing students was a window into a larger, ongoing discussion that has been underway in the School of Nursing for months. On March 8, faculty and leadership in the school met with nursing students to announce changes to, and receive feedback on, the academic

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