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Seasonal slump worsens this year

Seasonal slump worsens this year

(Photo courtesy of: the Epic) “Many students are reporting higher levels of seasonal depression and can struggle to handle it on their own.” Riley Fontana Connector Editor To say any of my friends or I are thriving would be a lie, all of us are struggling. While, yes, we are college kids and are always

Students speak up after Facebook whistleblower sparks debate on mental health

Courtesy of BBC (Facebook and Instagram have been under scrutiny after anonymous surveys by UMass Lowell students reported mixed feelings on social media and its impact on mental health Julian Viviescas Connector Contributor In previous weeks, The Wall Street Journal and Facebook have been in intense debate over whether or not Instagram is “toxic.” A

How the COVID-19 pandemic impacted my mental health, what it means for other college students

(Nick Bolton/Unsplash) Prevalence of depression symptoms in the US increased more than 3-fold during the COVID-19 pandemic, from 8.5% before COVID-19 to 27.8% during COVID-19, David Rosario Connector Contributor  My 2020 changed quite drastically when COVID-19 came about. I felt less free and confined to my home, which is problematic for me. I have been

Mental health resources at UMass Lowell

Sydney Lee Connector Editor As college students undergo an extreme amount of stress throughout the semester, their mental health can often become hard to manage. Finding the help and resources they need is a step forward that is not as easy when done alone. Despite the counseling services that are offered through the Wellness Center,

The True Beauty of Life

Editor’s note: This article was originally sent to The Connector during the waning weeks of the last semester. Due to some shuffling around of articles at that time, including the publication of former Editor-in-Chief Taylor Carito’s farewell letter, we were unable to fit it in last semester. However, due to recent events highlighting how harrowing