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Supreme Court adopts new Code of Ethics

Supreme Court adopts new Code of Ethics

(Photo courtesy of TheRoot). “Members of the Supreme Court.” Michael Makiej Connector Staff On Monday, November 13, The Supreme Court of the United States adopted a new code of ethics. Signed by all nine Justices, the code was implemented in response to several months of media criticisms for an assortment of undisclosed donations made to

Analyzing the 2023 United States Elections and What They Mean for 2024

(Photo courtesy of WSHU). “Freestanding sign that reads ‘VOTE HERE’.” Eric Schultz Connector Staff On November 7, 2023, Americans in several states took to the polls to cast their votes on Election Day. Generally speaking, odd-numbered election years in America are considered to be less important than presidential or midterm election years because of the

Will Colorado Court remove Trump from 2024 ballot? 

(Photo courtesy of NBCNews). “Donald Trump in a court room.” Michael Makiej Connector Staff Last Monday on October 30, proceedings began for a trial that may decide the 2024 election before a single ballot is cast. In Colorado, an activist group is attempting to disqualify Trump from the 2024 presidential ballot under subsection 3 of

Who is Mike Johnson? A Look at the New Speaker of the House 

(Photo courtesy of World Today News). “Jim Jordan being sworn in as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.” Michael Makiej  Connector Staff After several failed votes over the last month for different Speakers of the House, including Representatives Steve Scalese, Jim Jordan and Tom Emmer (among several other candidates), the fourth and final speaker

House of Representatives faces major speaker crisis

(Photo courtesy of WSJ). “The Speakers platform in the House of Representative.” Michael Makiej Connector Contributor It has now been several weeks since former United States Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was ousted from his position on Capitol Hill. This unprecedented and historic moment for the House of Representatives has left Americans without a

United States Labor Shortages

(Photo courtesy of deputy). “‘Help Wanted’ sign posted to door.” Nicholas Ewing Connector Contributor The United States is experiencing a labor shortage in its economy right now, as characterized by low unemployment and a large need for labor to keep the economy running. This labor shortage is caused by behavioral changes induced by COVID-19 and

Israel intensifies response to Hamas attack

(Photo courtesy of  BBC). “Picture of Gaza after bombing.” Jonathan Hatem Connector Contributor Friday, October 13, Israel issued evacuation notices to 1.1 million Palestinians in Northern Gaza, as a part of Israel’s ongoing response to an October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas. Palestinians were given twenty-four hours to evacuate.  On October 7, members of

House of Representatives Vote to Oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy

(Photo courtesy of ABC7NY). “Kevin McCarthy at a lecturn.” Eric Schultz Connector Staff On October 3, the United States House of Representatives experienced a historic first: its speaker was removed from office. Representatives voted 216-210 to vacate Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his office, with eight Republicans joining all 208 present Democrats. McCarthy had served only