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Spring Week is right around the corner

Spring Week is right around the corner

(Photo courtesy of Kadey Vannett) “ACE’s Spring Week is packed with unique and exciting events to close out the year” Nate Coady Connector Editor Despite the notion that spring keeps getting further and further away, and the infamous groundhog not seeing his shadow, the members of UMass Lowell’s Association for Campus Events (ACE) are holding

When bingo goes glamorous with Gigi Glam

(Photo courtesy of Julie Sage) “Gigi Glam taking center stage showing off one of the prizes offered for Drag Bingo.” Julie Sage Connector Staff “Drag” and “bingo” are not two words commonly heard together, but the Drag Bingo event held on October 11 showed that it should be done more often. The event was run

Disable the Label incorporates sign language into two games

Disable the Label filled University Suites 106 with Bingo and Twister players. (Shane Foley/Connector) Shane Foley Connector Editor Disable the Label, an on-campus organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of underprivelaged identities, runs an annual event using Bingo as a means to practice sign language. In the latest iteration of the event, however, the